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What lies under...

Friday, December 09, 2016
By Property Team

If you have place in your basement lying vacant and dull, gear up your creative juices and make the best of the space

There are many ways in which you can turn your basement area into a fun-filled zone. If you are fortunate enough to have a basement in a city like Mumbai, do make the most of it. The basement can be a funspace, put to a variety of uses, as elaborated below.

Study it well
A study room essentially needs to be a cosy place where one can just cuddle up with a nice book. The geography of a basement serves just right to convert it into a potential study room. Create a string of wooden cabinets to stock the treasure trove of your books. In fact, spread the cabinets throughout the walls to give your study room that perfect identity of a booklover's haven.

Bring in a chaise-lounge or a swing or a couple of beanbags to make your seating arrangement most comfortable so that you can enjoy your reading at utmost leisure. Add a few plants in the room for an element of freshness into your reading habitat. Plug in a radio in the background, light some candles and immerse yourself into you wish to spend the time with books. In fact, such a study room not only gives you privacy but also cuts out disturbances.

Artistic liberty
If you are an artist, the basement area could be used as a studio where you can freely experiment with whatever is on your mind. Just dump your things around in the basement area to give you a free hand while you work. In fact, allow your creativity to run wild. It can be a perfect place to have a chat with your artist friends and in turn churn out some wonderful creations.

Love playing with instruments? Let your basement be your stairway to heaven. Bring in acoustics and make the room sound-proof along with adding the best sound equipment right there underground. The privacy will be just right to write those soulful compositions and compose the rhythmic delights.
The basement area can also work best for your daily fitness regime. You can use the place for your yoga or aerobics sessions every day. If the place is big, bring along a group of people for the energy to spread around. Keep your basement simple and vacant for effective meditation lessons. If done well, the results will surprise you.

Game on!
For all you crazy about indoor games, your basement can be your dedicated gaming zone. Install your X-box, bring in pool tables and chess boards or just play with the handful of cards. The place can turn sportily alive with a bunch of games brought in. Imagine playing table-tennis with your close friend right inside your own house! Not only will it put your basement to good use, but will also help you with a good sporting habit to pursue for life.

That's what your basement can become if you choose the ingredients, so go ahead and paint it wild. Sky is the limit.

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