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Ways to Make the Most of Your Powder Room

Saturday, November 17, 2018

By KE Ranganathan, Managing Director, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd.
The concept of Powder rooms have gained popularity in recent times but still remains to be one of the most ignored spaces in the entire house. Despite being one of the most functional spaces, powder rooms are often overlooked when it comes to design and aesthetics. Powder rooms are usually meant for the guests, however, a well-built powder room can be used as an occasional cosy, unwinding space for the homeowners as well. The key to create powder room that makes a statement is to embrace its compactness, use the available space judiciously and try out bold colors, tile and hardware without breaking the budget.

Additionally, powder room revamp is one of the quickest way to add newness in your home. As the space is comparatively small, remodelling powder rooms can be done in quick time. With small additions and changes in the design, you can turn it into one of the most visually exciting rooms in your home. Here are a few tips from Parryware on how to make your powder room more than just a functional space without being heavy on the pockets:

Go colourful – One can never go wrong by choosing a strong colour scheme for powder rooms. Individuals can opt for two-tone minimalistic colour scheme for smaller spaces or can choose dark hues and colours for bigger spaces. If one intends to keep it simple, moderate or two-tone colour scheme can never grow out of style.

Play with patterns and textures – One can use bold patterns to accentuate the overall look of the powder room. One can go for medium size pattern wallpapers to balance well with colour scheme, furniture, fixtures and accessories in the room. Use decorative lattice or hanging fabric to create traditional to dramatic atmosphere in the powder room. Strong tiles can also highlight wonderfully themed statements and do not always mean boring, monotonous colours.

Choosing the right furniture -Furniture will set the stage for various accessories, decorative pieces and should be comfortable to use. One can experiment with various finish and size of furniture depending on the space available to create the desired look. Unlike traditional powder rooms, modern formats can include extra items of furniture such as cabinets and vanities to declutter the space, decorative wall sculptures and even added windows.

Accessories well – Post choosing the furniture, one can look for accessories that can add the extra oomph in the powder room. Bronze or gold finished towel rings, soap dispensers and fixtures will pop the space as they tie together the entire experience of using the powder room.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall – Mirrors are classic additions in powder rooms and will help bounce the extra light making the space look bigger and brighter. Opt for simple minimalistic design and chic gold frame that will add luxury and boldness in your powder room.

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