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Wash in style!

Saturday, December 23, 2017
By Property Team

Most often, it’s the washbasin that stands out in bathroom. There are numerous unique and very interesting modern washbasins out there and they can become wonderful focal points for this room

Modern and contemporary bathrooms are all about smart and clever designs. The key is a neat look and well-chosen fixtures. Nowadays, while designing the interiors of the house, special attention is given to the bathroom and accessories.

Washbasins come in different types like stone, glass, ceramic, terracotta, stainless steel, even onyx etc. There is one instance of a determined person installing an urli in place of an actual basin. There is no limit to innovation.

Washbasin varieties
Stone washbasins can be used in gardens, dining rooms, etc. In gardens, the stone basin complements the surrounding of the garden. Stone washbasins could also be seen in palaces in olden days. Moulded glass is very delicate and lustrous and comes in very many colours, which can tune into any bathroom tiles. Another plus is that these take very little maintenance and never look shabby.

Ceramic washbasins are common and widely used washbasins. Many people prefer these as they are simple and durable. They come in different shapes and sizes. Nowadays copper, marble and onyx washbasins are also available in the market. The marble variety also looks very beautiful. It is available in various types like Carerra, Beige marble etc. Copper washbasin also suits one’s home décor. Copper washbasin shimmers, when light fall on them. Onyx is in vogue, but they are very costly. Onyx is a natural stone, which comes from Nepal.    

Placement matters
The field of bathroom accessories has changed with the entry of multinationals, with their vast experience and design teams behind them. There are washbasins now where one has to just place a hand beneath the tap and water comes through. This happens due to the sensors fixed in the basins, which recognises the human hand. Fountain basins are also available, which are funky and somewhat cool.

The variety of colours available in the market can be selected according to the needs and which goes perfectly with the interiors. Selection of washbasins also depend upon the type of usage. Like, if the basin is in the children’s room, then one can make it innovative by adding bright colours or adding cartoon or animals to it. Master bedroom is the main room, so the interiors and the accessories used in bathroom can have a more royal feel.

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