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Wallpapering: The do’s and don’ts

Friday, December 30, 2016

A wallpaper enhances the look and feel of your house. But, if fixed shoddily, it can ruin things as well. Here are some wallpaper fundas you must know

  • If the wallpaper is fixed up to the bottom of the wall, touching the floor, then it is ideal to have one and a half inches to two inches putty.
  • Whenever the edge of the wallpaper is subjected to abrasion or rubbing during movement, then fitting PVC or laminated panel can protect such an abrasion area.
  • Those wall corners that are along the movement path, are to be covered with either a moulding or angle, so as to protect the edge. Otherwise, the edge is likely to get damaged, as also the wallpaper.
  • There is a likelihood of dirt accumulating on the horizontal surfaces like those of window sills or horizontal turning, however small these may be. These have to be covered with either laminated ply, ceramic, marble or granite panels.
  • The sponge or wet cloth that you use to clean the dining table can leave marks on the wall.
  • In case of vinyl wallpaper, food stains and dirt can be removed with soap and water, and dried out with a towel or a napkin. In case of stubborn stains, use a bit of petrol. If the petrol seems harmful to the wall, then avoid using it again.
  • In case of air-bubbles appearing on the wallpaper surface, after the pasting, allow natural drying for about 12 hours. If the bubbles do not disappear, call the service department to set it right.
  • Chairs can damage the wall when they move. Use laminated panels in the abrasion areas.
  • Do not pull out any area of the wallpaper that peels off. Try pasting it, otherwise call the service department.
  • Do not wash the wallpaper more than once a year. A clean, dry cloth or a dry, soft broom can be used as well. As exceptions to the rule, only the areas that are stained or dirty should be wiped clean or sponged with soap solution and water, not the whole wall.
  • Do not let your child cut the wallpaper with a blade or knife. In case this happens, stick the paper back with gum. Remember that a slit on the paper will not lead to peeling automatically.
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