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Vertical Walls - The New-age Gardens

Saturday, September 01, 2018

By Hemil Parikh
Founder, Elysium Abodes LLP

Sustainability being the need of the hour, modern landscaping has become a hot trend these days. Nothing offers you more joy than the idea of being surrounded by the aura of blissful gardens and greenery.

In today's time of burgeoning high-rises, the space available for your own private garden is restricted. Increasing concretization in urban areas barely lets you see any greenery around. Sustainability and green living are buzzwords of the modern-day world. As concrete landscapes continue to develop, more and more people are understanding the significance of greenery. While people are looking to implement more and more choices which are ecologically beneficial, an extensive and appealing way of incorporating nature in households is by making green walls a part of your home.

Gardens in modern times come with a lot of smart variations like indoor gardens, vertical gardens, speciality gardens, woodland garden’s and water gardens to name a few. An innovative, yet environment-friendly solution to these decreasing horizontal spaces is a 'vertical garden' which, as the name recommends, offers the choice of having greenery growing vertically straight up. In simple terms, vertical gardens are living walls - free standing, or as a part of the building edifices - which are covered with flora or foliage anything from grass to plants or herbs and even vegetables.

One of the biggest promoters of green design and sustainability, the vertical gardens are today the most popular gardens commonly seen either in homes or in commercial and hospitality segments. A vertical garden is nothing but a green wall that is partially or completely covered with green plants. Green walls are a good option to contemplate if you have space restrictions, yet want greenery around which certainly adds to the aesthetic value. These gardens can be used both indoors or outdoors and can be either free-standing or attached to the wall.

These new and innovative gardens work well If you have a bare wall. You can grow these vertical planters on the wall and see the wonders for yourself. Vertical gardens will only grow vertically, thus leaving a lot of space for horizontal growth in the gardens. All you have to do is to choose a wall on which you want the green plantations to grow and build a frame with a plastic sheet where you want your plants to be placed. Since these gardens need to be watered regularly, many vertical gardens come with an in-built irrigation system. After you have chosen the plants you want to see in your vertical gardens, you can start inserting them in the vertical wall.

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