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Tiles and Styles

Saturday, December 16, 2017
By Property Team

Flooring is a critical yet oft-ignored aspect of home designing. Here are tile tips you could definitely do with

Designing your home and transforming it into this vivacious and beautiful abode that charms everyone with its unique and timeless look, could be a daunting task. Everyone around you has ideas, but what matters most is the vision and dream that you have for your own place. Achieving this perfect appearance depends on a wide variety of factors and while the themes, colours and décor that you choose are equally important, what most people seem to forget is flooring. There was a time when choosing a tiles for flooring meant picking one of the few ceramic designs available in the market. Times and technology have ensured that today there is a wide assortment and varied choices to choose from.

Going Ceramic
Ceramic tiles have paved their way to beautiful designer floors. Modern ceramic tiles are different and advanced. Tile designs are based on innovative developments, 3d texture, contrasts and artistic ideas. Readily available, these come in various colours, textures and finishes. It is the combination of these elements that makes each tile installation a unique design statement.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing with ceramic tiles. These tiles range from designer or artistic tiles, hand painted tiles, tiles that look like marble, granite or leather, etc. Various compositions can be designed with these tiles that may span four tiles or create a full wall mural. Selecting the right tile for a given location is the key to a successful design.

Mumbai based interior designer Ajit Sawant, says “ While choosing tiles keep in mind the application surface. If ceramic tiles are used on exterior walls, check if the tile can stand the harsh exterior climatic conditions. Vitrified tiles have properties of low water absorption and are suitable for exterior applications. It must be kept in mind that a floor tile can be used on a wall surface but most wall tiles will not stand up to the stresses associated with floors.”

Further he adds, “Also the glazes and strength of the tile body are stronger on floor tiles than they are for wall tiles. Floor tiles offer a large range of colours, patterns and are designed with the wear factor like traffic density, usage etc.”

Colour Selection
The living room is where you welcome your guests, meet family members and friends. It is always advisable to stick to ceramic flooring that is neutral, yet elegant. On the other hand, there are carpet tiles offer plenty of room to improvise, but sticking to the classic designs and classy format serves you well. There are also porcelain tiles that look strikingly like real wood and are far more durable and moisture-resistant. Colours of the tile should be selected with the same freedom as carpet.

Moreover, different colour tiles can be combined to create overall patterns or define separate areas of a room. The same is applicable for walls. There are fancy patterns and elegant paisleys; bold geometric, designer and classic motifs readily available. Mixing different colours, using borders, and inserts can make your floor design look unique. Colour coordinating should be done considering other materials such as drapes, carpet, wood, and fixtures.

When choosing between glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, remember that glazed tiles are easier to clean and should be used at public places where regular maintenance is a factor. Unglazed tiles can give an entirely different look and are functional from the wear standpoint. Unglazed tiles generally need to have a sealer applied to the surface to prevent staining and moisture intake.

In the bathroom
When using tiles for bathroom non-porous and slip-resistant tiles are perfect with their functional benefits. From an aesthetic point of view, bathroom tile colour can help create a unique look. White is a popular colour for bathrooms as it makes the bathroom look simple, clean, and fresh. Bathroom tiles usually have neutral colours. White bathroom tiles with blue accents look very relaxing, giving the bathroom a spa-like feel.The size of bathroom tiles should be decided according to the size of the bathroom. A small bathroom has to be fitted with small sized tiles; large tiles will look ridiculous and make the bathroom appear smaller.

While selecting tiles keep in mind that the thickness of the tile is not always an indication of its strength. With new technology, strong tiles are made that relatively have less thickness as compared to older conventional methods.

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