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This Diwali, light up your home

Friday, October 06, 2017
By Property Team

Diwali, the festival of lights, is just a little over a week away. Thus, this is the right time to start prepping up your home for the festivities. We have some interesting ideas

After the recent celebrations of Dussehra, people are gearing up to welcome the festival of Diwali. A season of celebration, Diwali is one time in the year when everybody opts for spring cleaning his home and even redecorating it. To let go off the old and to add in new furniture, soft furnishings, refurbishing the area and to welcome guests and prosperity to a brand new home is the idea. Here are some interesting ideas to bring in a touch of novelty to your dwelling with a little bit of imagination thrown in. This will help the individuals residing in the home to get a positive vibe and a divine feeling.

Start on a clean slate
After the rainy season, the walls might have a fine layer of fungus, which can simply be wiped away with a dry cloth. It will take much more effort to wash this off. If you are going in for a new coat of paint to your walls this is perhaps the right time. The doors and windows too will need the same treatment. Do not forget to wipe on top of the door window- this is the place where most dirt accumulates. If you feel, then do give it a fresh coat of paint.

Curtain rods and pelmets are another place where dust and dirt accumulate over time. Even the rings or runners need to be washed and cleaned to give that sparkling shine. Wiping any glass or mirrored surfaces like windows, glass fronted cupboards etc with a damp newspaper will give a sparkle and clean it much better than a cloth.

Curtains and lighting
Most people love to bring in a whole new set of curtains and bed linens. These days an array of sheers, tapestry and blinds are available to chose from. Choose from various textures and colours that go best with your style and room décor. Grand lighting such as charming chandelier hanging from the ceiling together with the ones on the walls create a festive ambiance in the living room. After all, festivities are about splurging.

The elegant chandeliers light up the whole living room with an air of sophistication and celebration. If you have been thinking of buying a new piece of furniture this is the ideal time. Go ahead indulge yourself  as you are in the mood to spend. Simple yet effective way of decorating the house for Diwali is to throw in a few colourful cushions. This will add a splash of colour to liven up the house and set a cheerful mood for the occasion. It will also keep guests comfy.

The channels of sliding doors and windows naturally accumulate dirt, which is difficult to remove. Using a vacuum cleaner is the easiest option for this area, as all the dirt gets sucked out. Get rid of all the clutter, old papers and all things that have been lying unattended and gathering dust. Try and get rid of any items that have not been used for the past one-year. This is a good thumb rule- if you haven’t needed it for one year then it is superfluous to your requirements.

Diwali is all about getting the house and your life in order. Go about the task systematically and it will give  a great deal of satisfaction. It is as if you are getting into a new home all together.

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