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The versatility of Linen

Saturday, June 02, 2018
By Property Team

Linen fabrics are often a first choice for those buying household textile, as they are strong and practical

Linen is one of the oldest kinds of fabric. In ancient Egypt it was used as a symbol of wealth and, often as, currency. A linen thread was initially used to determine a straight line, which led to the English word "line." And linen has been preferred for centuries as a canvas for fine oil paintings due to its strength and durability.

One can find linen tea towels, dishtowels, bathroom towels, and linen rugs. Linen is durable and easy-care and therefore is found in many homes. Apart from practical-only use, linen home textile serves decorative functions as well. Lots of gorgeous and functional linen tablecloths, linen napkins, linen runners are made and purchased everyday. Linen curtains add organic touch to the interior and look very appealing with their natural crumples.

Why linen rocks
Not only beautiful, durable linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant, making it a renewable resource as well. And despite its ancient roots, it's still very popular in today's designs. Linen has everything – bed and bath linen, table linen, cushions and rugs, fabrics for furnishing and wall coverings. Linen makes an excellent upholstery fabric, because it does not pill or stretch. It resists wear from abrasion as well as dirt and stains. It is stronger than cotton and has natural antistatic qualities without needing harsh chemicals.

The only con: Pure linen wrinkles. Bed linens made from pure linen feel soft and natural. The more they are washed, the more organic and soft they appear and feel — the natural wrinkled look is part of the charm. While linen shrinks little when it's tumble dried, excessive drying is not advised. The fabric works well year-round, keeping us warm in winter and cool in summer. Tablecloths made of linen have long been preferred for formal tables. Today's lifestyles often call for a more casual, relaxed style, and linen can be used for that purpose too. The fabric has a comfortable, organic look when left in its natural colour and not ironed.

Natural choice
Linen, like silk, has an aristocratic elegance when used for draperies. It can be dry-cleaned or washed and will look great for years. Linen fabric has a high natural lustre; the natural colour ranges from ivory and ecru to tan and gray. Heavy bleaching results in pure white linen. It has anti allergic properties, making it a beneficial natural fibre choice. Linen works wonderfully for drapery panels, as air permeates it, providing privacy and airflow.

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