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The art-house effect

Friday, June 16, 2017
By Property Team

Residences have today become a lifestyle statement and a reflection of the inhabitants' personalities. They are no longer just 'a machine for living in'. Therefore in home interior artefacts plays major role

There is a huge range of artefacts that feature today in homes. Whether it's a mural, sculpture or just an artefact, there is a stronger emphasis on inducing creativity and not giving a confused and busy feel. Tribal art and accessories patterns have also stepped into today's home spaces.

Often people who travel extensively have the habit of picking up artefacts and pieces of art from wherever they go and also randomly displaying them anywhere and everywhere in the house. The idea is to give the house a classy look. But little do they realise that by placing them randomly, they are not attaining the target of making their house look good, and at times giving the house a cluttered look.

Space it out
The first thing to ask if you like displaying artefacts, paintings and curios at home is whether your house has space for them. If not, then you can create some. But remember creating space for curios, artefacts and paintings requires careful planning so as to emphasise on each element.

The spaces should be well-planned and demarcated in order to gain maximum, functional utility of the carpet area available. For example you could place a beautiful umbrella hanger for the monsoons, or shoe rack in the entrance lobby.

Suitable spaces for exhibiting curios should be intelligently scooped out from adjacent areas, creating interesting niches, brackets and window-like punctures with varying depth and sizes suiting the piece of art to be placed there. Some of these spaces can be panelled with mirror-polished glass, which, along with creating dual images of the showpieces, also effectively helps in visual expansion of the room spaces.

Mix and match
You could also invest in a distinctive art furniture piece or artefact that can contrast or stand out with the other furniture in the room. Mix and match confidently with this one trick - try to keep one element consistent. Maintaining the common concept of displaying artefacts, the rooms can be furnished with different secondary materials and colours, so as to create different moods for various users. You can use glass as a ledge material that helps in providing transparency. Glass works wonders for curios as it helps in transferring maximum visual attention.

While placing the art remember that instead of crowding a particular space with showpieces, proper positions should be worked out for each, so as to create a balanced and melodious flow of artefacts The artefacts should be placed at a proper eye-level, all over the house. There should be suitable distance and angle, with respect to the observers' position, so that one can appreciate their true beauty without having to lift one's head up or bend down.

Light effect
One of the most important factors that you must not forget is lighting. No piece can be appreciated if it is accompanied with a poor quality of natural or artificial light. Too much glow also hides the curio. In order to achieve a good balance between the existing natural and artificial light provided, one has to pay detailed attention towards the quality of the illumination produced.

Aimed at enhancing the aesthetic beauty of each individual piece of art, one must take calculative efforts to check out the positioning of the right source of lighting fixture (overhead spotlight, bracket light, up lighters, lamps etc.) placed at an appropriate angle and distance relative to the position of the artefact.

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