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Say hello to beach-iness!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

The constant hustle bustle in one’s life does get overwhelming at times, which is why the idea of going on a vacation is so tempting always. For instance, let’s take beaches as an example - warm sands under the sun, waves hitting the shore, breeze going through your damp hair, it all feels magical. While you can’t always go to a beach, how about you create your own space with a lot of beachy vibes.
Read on to know how you can make your home sing the majestic song of waves:

Play with these blues!
Blue is a colour that perfectly resonates with beaches and has a calming undertone to it. This season has brought some of the most sought-after trends which include breath-taking shades of blue such as Royal Blue, Sapphire, Turquoise and more.

These shades allow you to make your space relaxing and refreshed. Due to the richness of these tones, it’s important to decorate the space in a way that does not make it look chaotic. When it comes to a backdrop, Greenlam Laminates’ Toasted Walnut, California Ash and Rift Oak make for brilliant choices which complement these tones. Incorporate throw pillows and patterned rugs which create balance to the whole look and make it look refreshed. To take the décor up a notch, add accessories such as seashells, corals and ocean-inspired wall art in various shades of blue.

Weave in the textures!
If you are looking to add a coastal touch to your home, textures play a major role in providing the look and feel of a beach house. Today, textures are not just limited to matte or gloss but come in a variety of options like suede, rugged, distressed, satin etc. These textures add a hint of sophistication to your décor.

Be it textured veneers, wicker furniture or a natural fibre rug, textures add dynamism to your décor. The rugged texture of Mystic Oak from premium Decowood Veneers looks natural and seamlessly goes with the fine textures of wicker baskets and natural fibre rugs, which adds authenticity to the space. Add a lot of show pieces in terms of rustic wood tones and twine wrapped wooden lanterns to give a soothing aura to your décor.

Blissful natural whites
Beaches have always been symbolic to a calming atmosphere which brings peace to your mind and soul. Like the tranquillity felt during a sunset at a beach, colours like white help you get an identical vibe in your room. Whites make the space look aesthetically appealing and spacious.

For those who believe that serenity is in simplicity, white is a classic choice to go with and be it linens, satins, lace, cushions or a couch, you will always feel right at home. With rest of the décor being very minimalistic, one can always play with flooring! Statement floors in terms of Oak Slate from Mikasa premium engineered wood floors, bring the rest of the decorations alive. Pair these floors with some greenery like ferns or bamboo plants will be the perfect accessory to your room.

With a beach vacation on your mind, it’s time to bring the peaceful and serene vibes of beaches to your home!

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