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Rock the stone

Friday, June 23, 2017

Sangram Bhoite examines why using pebbles for interior decoration is becoming highly popular

Natural surroundings are not only healthy for the body, but also challenging for the mind and soothing for the soul. We all strive to make time for a prolonged outing with friends or a necessary walk along a riverbank, but then there are solutions for bringing pieces of nature inside. To create a soothing atmosphere pebbles, rocks and stones are the best choice.

Decorating your homes with pebbles, rocks and stones can bring in a complete different look to your house. It also creates a different ambience and mood. Pebbles are used not only for interiors but also in gardens and fountains. It can also be layered on an open porch or in verandas. The soothing colours of stones and the gentle rounded appearances evoke a natural feel to the house.

Naturally beautiful
“The pebbles used in its natural form gives the best look. Pebbles can also used in the living room. If you have plants in your living room you can lay pebbles on the top instead of exposing the mud. Some people also use it in bathrooms, but I would not recommend it, as it is very difficult to maintain them and keep them clean. Instead one can opt for pebble tiles in bathrooms,” says, Ameya Benare, an architect. Pebble tiles are defiantly becoming more and more popular these days as a solution for decorating any internal or external surface, they provide endless and creative design ideas and are also easy to install.

Pebbles are the latest hot trend in stone themed home decors, you can see them everywhere right from wall murals to flooring. Decorative items made from pebbles are also in vogue. It gives an antique look and creates a peaceful aura in the room. Pebble decorative pieces are easily available and are found at all prices. It can also be resourced from your local home goods. They are also used as tabletop decorative piece. A bowlful of pebbles on the central table can give trendy look to the house. A lot of murals are also inspired from pebbles and stones.

Variety of options
Mumbai based interior designer Ajit Sawant says, “The positive aspect of using pebbles for the interiors is the natural element associated to it. And it is also very flexible as it can be used in for a very small space too. It is available in various colours like the white marble pebbles, black pebbles of kadappa or granite. Nowadays colours like green, red and blue are also available and are also affordable.”

Designers are using pebble themed floor tiles to add punch and definition to floor areas. For example, tiles made with natural river pebbles are a wonderfully contrasting accent to border an area of hardwood flooring. Qualities like flexibility and affordability is the reason that pebbles have got into our living rooms, making it more livelier.

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