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Rock the Interior

Friday, March 24, 2017

A simple rocking chair can improve your health and increase overall well-being, apart from giving a classic look to the interior of your home. Sangram Bhoite explains how

Without a doubt, we live in a high-tech world. It seems a new gadget for promoting better health comes along every day. While using a rocking chair won't provide the fitness training of an aerobic workout, the activity may improve your health in some significant ways. The motion of rocking stimulates the body to maintain balance, resulting in greater balance capabilities.

The age-old perception that rocking chairs are fit for only grannies and grandpas is not the same anymore. Rocking chairs basically relax your body and mind. Relaxation is not restricted to only elderly people. In fact, now the young generation requires more of it. With overloaded work schedules and busy lifestyles everybody is striving to relax for sometime. Rocking chairs are now more popular among young working class than elderly. They are not only looked at as relaxation options but they add to the fashion statement of your home. At the same time, if you have a rocking chair in your house, it gives an ethnic look to your room.

A rocking chair in itself creates an aura making the place around itself very comfortable. Rocking chairs look good indoors as well as outdoors. If you have a balcony or a garden then a rocking chair will always complement its look. And, it will be a pleasure to sip hot coffee sitting in a rocking chair and enjoying nature around you. In fact, your favourite book will be more interesting if you sit with it in a rocking chair in your balcony. Indoor rocking chairs make a classic and comfortable addition to any room in the house. Indoor rocking chairs are perfect for relaxing by the fire or rocking your little one to sleep.

The market is packed with different types of rocking chairs. They are different in their designs as well as different in their textures. The regular wooden rocking chairs are now available in new designs. High quality resin woven rocking chairs are also common these days in houses with oriental looks. These chairs have resin woven backs and look quite similar to cane chairs.

Rocker in various designs and shapes are also available in the market. The normal large rockers are no longer used. People prefer lightweight and contemporary designs in rockers these days. The sleek looking rockers are more in demand. Wrought iron and metal chairs are also very popular.
These chairs look compact and are best for the ethnic look of your house. They also add to the collectibles in your dwelling. Thus, rocking chairs no longer remain just furniture but is a piece of art used in home beautification.

Quick Tips

  • To keep your rocking chair looking new and in good working condition, you will have to make sure that you maintain and clean it.
  • One of the best ways to maintain it is to apply a protective finish.
  • Before starting, make sure the wood is completely clean and dry.
  • To clean an outdoor rocking chair you will need a mild soap, a cloth or brush, and water.
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