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Retro Revival

Saturday, November 10, 2018

By Parul Mittal, Director, Greenlam Industries Ltd

With the ever-evolving fashion world and fashionistas always on their toes to know what’s trending in terms of the latest shifts in design and looks- it’s interesting to see how one can bring vintage looks to their interiors. Classy retro styles are not just restricted to fashion runways but can echo in your homes as well. Be it grunge, bohemian or bold, these trends have seeped into the world of décor seamlessly. When we talk about retro, it usually takes us back to the 60’s or the 70s, where it was all about bright colours and psychedelic patterns. The 70’s era also brought earthy and calmer tones. On one hand 80’s brought the weirdest styles and designs and, on the other hand, the 90’s was all about minimalistic fashion and grunge looks.

Taking inspiration from all these styles, let us look at a variety of ways in which you can get retro ready for your next escapade.

Life is a mixtape!
When it comes to applying different styles in interiors, it is always best to mix and match. It gives you the chance to experiment with different colours, patterns, textures, and designs. Fusion of dark colours, patterns and different textures will give your space a classy and vintage look. The trends which used to be famous decades ago are coming back and you can even go one step further by having a culmination of vintage and modern!

With colours such as Red Dynasty, Tidal Sand and cyclone, the HPL & Compact collection by Greenlam Laminates is your perfect partner in making your house elegant and appealing as they come with huge choice of textures, finishes and colours. The fact that they provide a synthesis to antique and contemporary décor with stunning wood textures and anti-bacterial protection makes them even more alluring. If you are a fan of minimalist beauty, you can use an antique accessory such as a vintage chandelier or a vintage table as the focal point in an all-white interior space.

Go the boho way!
Boho is a short form for Bohemian and this style is inspired by the lifestyle of hippies. It is all about being yourself and looking natural. The style has gained popularity not only in the fashion world but also in the world of home décor. Colorful lanterns, low tables, floor cushions, walls with unique designs where you can choose whatever you like, and it is not necessary that things match. It is all about having a comfortable, natural and free-spirited look.

Who doesn’t like wood textured laminates which add that countryside look to your interiors? The VRB HPL collection by Greenlam Laminates is extremely unique and evokes the warmth of the natural world. They come in exotic shades and textures such as Shadow Secrets, Oak Radiance, Cured Ash and more. These laminates add a touch of wonder to your house and echo your personal style with a dash of pure vintage sophistication.

A wrinkle in time
Textures have played a major role in the retro era and have the potential to be playful with embellishments, raw edges and appliqué details which are irresistible to the touch. Whatever the colour palette, fusing these can immediately create another layer of decoration and interest. Textures are a flawless way to bring that touch of antiquity to your décor. Be it the subtly patterned rug, woven wicker furniture or the metal finishes, layers of textures will always give a soothing vibe to your room.

The right texture combined with the right colours will help you add character and distinction to your space. In this regard, Stucco laminate collection is a very natural looking texture that will up the aesthetic quotient of your living room. It is a fact that textures are not just limited to cloth or accessories. Today, premium veneers have become a go-to option for decorators for they give an ease of installation and look trendy at the same time!

Every house becomes a home only when you add a little bit of yourself to it. So, this season, let your creativity fly and express yourself and let your home show who you are, after all, it’s the time to revive retro.

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