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Planning your kitchen platform

Saturday, June 16, 2018

A well-planned kitchen platform helps the kitchen to be user friendly. Interior Designer Gouri Pradhan steps into the details

Once you decide of getting your house interior done up, many a time the top post in priority list is held  by kitchen. For me, kitchen designing is the most challenging job that keep me alert all the time. Because kitchens are equivalent to the heart in the body. The laminate, wall tiles, modern kitchen appliances/ gadgets, storage space everything needs to be taken care of, but the most important is kitchen platform.

While constructing the platform, most important is shape of the platform. In a rectangular kitchen two parallel platforms can make sense whereas a ‘c’ shaped or ‘L’ shaped platform would be ideal for a square kitchen. An island platform can be a perfect option for a spacious kitchen.

Size and shape
Once the shape is decided we may turn to height and width of the platform, 30” to 32” height is advisable for Indian kitchens. Platform width is also equally important. It can vary from 24” to 26” depending upon the kind of stove fitted in it. 26” wide platform is essential to fix a hob. Hob is a modern stove which is fitted inside the platform by making a square cut inside. The cut should be made while constructing the platform. For normal table top stove, 24” platform width is enough. It is most important to know the user of the platform and also working habits of the user, accordingly height and width of the platform can be adjusted. Some people also like to install cooking range. Cooking range is installed in between two separate platforms hence it requires a prior planning. A proper gap should be kept between two platforms taking into consideration size of the cooking range.

Sink Significance
Sink is also an important factor while constructing kitchen platform. There are various sizes of sinks available in the market. For a moderate size kitchen 24” x 18” sink can be a fit one, but, there are many types of sinks  available in the market. Single bowl, double bowl, sometimes triple bowl, with and without drain board are also available. Some sinks are glossy finished, some are matt and also non-scratchable sinks are available in the market. Taking into consideration size of the kitchen and requirements of the family, right selection can be made.

While making a modern kitchen, never forget modern appliances like dish washer and fridge. A prior arrangement should be made in the kitchen for these appliances. A proper gap for fridge should be maintained while a dish washer should be accommodated below kitchen platform. The only requirement is to keep the platform height minimum 34” where the dish washer will be installed.

Along with all above mentioned, the most important factor is construction material. While constructing a kitchen platform we start thinking from base of the platform. In old days, kitchen platforms were been supported with heavy brick works whereas nowadays platform frames are made lighter by using Kadappa, Kotah or Indian spotted marble. Framing with these materials helps save space below platform that can be used for more storage. Metal framing is also done in case of modular kitchen. Once the framing is done there comes finishing materials.

Benefits of Granite
Granite is a famous material for kitchen counter top. Sometimes marble is also used to finish kitchen platform but as compare to granite it is used rarely. The qualities in granite make it stand perfect choice for the platform. Granite is considered to be a bacteria resistant material. It also can take high polish as well, being hard material cannot be scratched easily, does not react to acids/ chemicals that used frequently in kitchens. The most important thing is granite is affordable to everyone, it is easily available in the market in the price range of Rs.180/- to Rs.250/- per sqft. Green marble also can stand as a cheaper substitute to granite. A best quality Baroda green marble is available for Rs.90/- to Rs.100/- per sqft.

The above mentioned are natural stone options but along with that some artificial substitutes are also there in the market. A while ago Dupont company had launched a material called ‘Corian’ which is made up of acrylic polymer.

Other than ‘Corian’ there are many other similar products available in the market for comparatively low cost. These materials are available in in numerous colours. Apart from that it has some more qualities, like it can be moulded in any shape hence the sinks can be made easily with same colour and also two pieces can be joined finely which create a homogeneous look. Being a dense material it does not let penetrate stains in it. It can be polished once in couple of years to enjoy a brand new look. These all benefits come with few conditions, for example beware while putting a very hot vessel directly on to it, that it may cause a permanent damage. It is normally available in some fix sizes like 10’ long x 2’6” wide and that has to be bought in complete plank of, that makes it little more costlier. For the branded ones, cost start from Rs.700/- to Rs.900/- per sqft. and onwards.

This is how you can built up your kitchen platform but still there are many things remaining to make a modern kitchen. Let us discuss them in near future.

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