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Pay attention to plumbing

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Faulty plumbing can entirely devastate your beautiful bathroom. So it’s our duty to give due attention to pipeline or concealed stuff while the plumbing work is in process, says interior designer Kavita Bhalerao

Just imagine, you get cold water instead of hot while bathing. Wouldn't that really annoy you? We all know hot and cold water coming from one tap is not magic, it’s a technology, its"Plumbing Technology". Perfect bathroom always needs good planning of plumbing.

The bathroom is the most personal, important, yet frequently used room in our home. We all want our bathroom aesthetically beautiful, but what about technical matters? Plumbing is the most important and a very technical thing in the bathroom and it’s concealed. We have to be really careful while designing a bathroom. So we have to make our bathroom not only beautiful, but user friendly, hassle free as well.

Always remember, faulty plumbing can entirely devastate your beautiful bathroom. So it’s our duty to pay attention on pipeline or concealed stuff while the plumbing work is in process.

Planning matters
While planning of a bathroom, plumbing works on two basic things. The foremost is intake of water and distribution of this water in households (such as kitchen, garden, balcony, toilets, etc.) Second one is the diversion of waste water (coming from the toilet, sink etc.)

Pipeline plays a vital role in the plumbing system. According to our convenience, we have to fix the position of w.c., basin and bath area in the toilet. After finalisation of all these positions just ensure that your tiling layout is ready. Why do we need tiling layout first? With the help of this layout, we can fix the position of tap, diverter and shower. Otherwise, at the end of the work you will come to know that the location of tap is not proper, neither to tile joint nor in the centre of the tile.

Also, finalise the fitting before starting the work as we need concealed part of the diverter, sometimes we do need the flush tank for w.c. for flush valve fitting. These  things are very important. Nowadays, we get so many designs in sanitary fittings. Looking at the size and shape of our sanitary fittings, we have to decide the height and position according to tile layout. After drawings, selection of tiles and positions here we are in the main thing which is pipeline for plumbing. There are different materials available for pipes, it is essential to use good quality of pipes with durability and hassle free water supply.

Variety of pipes
G.I., CPVC, PVC, UPVC are some types of pipes which are available in the market. Don’t get confused, here is a short introduction of each type of material.

1. G.I. Pipe: GI pipes are galvanised iron pipes made of iron/ zinc. GI pipes are not corrosion resistant and so they eventually rust. They stand good for Cold Water Supply but it can be used for Hot water supply with woollen insulation around the pipe. The fitting of this pipe is time-consuming and requires more man hours. If in case someone drill in tile and pipe is there because of drilling, it will start leaking and in that case we don’t have any solution to fit this pipe, we have to remove it.

2. CPVC: “CPVC pipes” are Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride. They are very good for hot and cold water supply. CVPC Pipes are durable as compared to GI pipes. CPVC pipes are corrosion resistant pipes. Easy installation and saves man hours. If you drill tile and hole occurs, we can fix that hole.

3. PVC: “PVC Pipes” are Poly Vinyl Chloride. These pipes are only for cold water supply. Mainly used for water supply and drain pipes. Not useful for internal pipeline of toilet. Easy installation and saves man hours.

4. UPVC: “UPVC  Pipes” are unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. UPVC is allowed for waste lines in homes and is the number one, most often used pipe for sanitary sewers.

Above are the important types of pipe which are available in market. Sometimes we confront the problem of water pressure, so consider this problem as well before starting plumbing.

Get professional help
In toilet Planning plays a key role. Where and how much taps we want? Company and other specifications too are very essential. Remember one thing, take detail drawings of pipeline and toilet details from your consultant, it’s always helpful hereafter.

For perfect bathroom, perfect planning is necessary. Planning agencies are too significant. So select professional for your work,they will guide you and assist all teams. Do not compromise when it comes to hygiene. Make your bathroom not only beautiful, but user friendly, hassle free as well. We apply the word “RESTROOM” to toilet so it's our responsibility to convert most technical thing into a facility and make it a peaceful place while maintaining hygiene.

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