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Paint it right

Saturday, February 10, 2018
By Property Team

When it comes to painting a room, preparation is half the battle. Therefore, it pays to know everything you can about interior painting preparation before starting a job

Paint is the powerful way to liven up your home - and to enhance the impression it makes on visitors. But choosing the perfect paint colour, well, that's a little more difficult than you might imagine. There are so many options and so many decisions to make. But, if you make the wrong decision, your new paint colour will make your home look worse rather than better. Don't let that be you. To help you choose the best possible colours for your interior walls, here is a handy guide for you…

Paints that are used for interiors can broadly be classified into two categories: Water based and solvent based paints. In water based, Acrylic/oil bound distempers, Acrylic emulsions and Premium emulsions are available. In solvent based, flat oil paint and lustre paints are available.

Water based paints
Distempers are economically priced and offer good value for money as they are durable. They are available as oil bound/acrylic, the latter being much better than the former in finish and durability. Acrylic Emulsion paints are available in various finishes like, silk, matte or satin and are a very popular choice for interior walls. They are quick drying and easy to maintain. It can be cleaned with water. Both distempers and Emulsion paints are available in ready to use shades and stainers with which your painter can make shades for you. It is always advisable to buy adequate quantity before starting the job. Otherwise you end up with different shades.

Solvent based paints
Lustre finish offers a very rich sheen finish whereas the flat oil paint gives a smooth matt finish for interiors. Lustre is an elegant paint with a silky finish .It is quite durable and stain resistant. The product is applied on walls and also on wood after proper priming. A glossy paint is not used on residential walls as it reflects too much light and gives an uncomfortable  glare. Lustre is one paint which possesses all the good properties that one expects of a durable paint. Another important benefit that lustre paint has over Acrylic emulsions is its nonporous film. What it essentially means that it has the tendency of not allowing dust particles to stick to the surface. This further ensures that the dust particles that get accumulated on the surface can be easily washed without affecting the underlying paint film in any way. Further, the paint film is fully resistant making it a superior performance product on vital issue.

Before you start painting…
After knowing the basic paint category one should understand some points before starting the paint job:-

  • Water based or solvent based paint ingredients are poisonous and should be kept away from children and pets
  • All the problems with your structure, such as dampness in the walls, cracking of paint etc. must be taken care of at the beginning.
  • Test a small sample of the chosen colour shade in a well lit area of the wall, give it two coats to check it’s full intensity. Let it dry completely before finalising the shade. Damp walls as well as walls with only one coat look very different than the final expected results.
  • Toxic paint chemicals can be absorbed through the skin. Wash up as soon as possible.
  • It is not advisable to paint in humid conditions. Avoid painting in the monsoon as the paint takes longer time to dry and the film will not cure properly. The room to be painted should be well ventilated and free from dust.
  • When painting overhead, wear goggles to keep paint out of your eyes. Chemical ingredients can cause burns to sensitive eye tissue.
  • Have sufficient quantity of paint ready. Mixing each batch separately will give mixed results.
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