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Move home without baggage of trouble

Saturday, May 19, 2018
By Propety Team

One of the biggest problems in moving homes is choosing the right kind of furniture and furnishings that can be moved easily and will also fit in anywhere. These tips should help

Many people have transferable jobs. Then there are those who live on rent and have to move out every one or two years. People who have to shift their residence frequently should focus more on the functional aspect. Heavy and bulky furniture occupies much space and requires more maintenance.

Ideally one should stick to simple, durable furniture. If it is essential, only a few heavy furniture items like beds, study tables or a wardrobe should be used in the house. However, one should get them made to order in a way that each item can be easily dismantled when moving from one place to another. These days you get readymade ‘knock down’ wardrobes, beds, among other pieces of furniture. You can also get them made from your carpenter.

Explore the options
Cane furniture is a great option for the living room and bedroom in terms of both, design and elegance. It comes in all shapes and sizes, does not require much maintenance and cleaning and best of all, it is light and portable. This is especially useful when there are small children around, since there will be no worries of spoiling or breaking the furniture or of the children getting hurt by sharp corners.

Less is more though, so whatever you do, don’t go overboard. A few really cool, well-placed, big items will make a room look fantastic and pulled together. Your more focus should be on you and your needs. So don’t include useless decorations unless they’re also functional and don’t spend money and time searching for items you’ll never use.

The next area we need to focus on is the kitchen. Choosing the right furniture for this room is crucial because it requires focused work areas, so modular kitchens would be the best option. One can have wooden cabinets, but they should not be fixed on walls. It is advisable to have small cabinets which can be hung on hooks or, alternatively, have castors, so when one moves one can easily remove it or easily glide it out.

Be flexible
The flooring can be covered with linoleum, which is safer as any spills can be cleaned easily. Similarly, the material for drapes and curtains should be chosen in such a way that if the dimensions of the window change, one can get it cut or fold part of it without affecting the overall design, so that it can be used over and over again in your new home.

Flexibility is one of the main aspects of such house. A single couch/sofa or low seating Indian baithak style upholstered in cotton sheets is in vogue and functional
After all, when one moves from one city to another and from one house to another, everything changes with it – the layout, size, dimensions etc. In such cases, the emphasis should be mostly on comfortable, convenient and light furniture, which can be easily installed and removed.

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