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Monsoon tips for home care

Friday, June 30, 2017

The wait is over, the surroundings have turned green everything looks fresh. After a long hide and seek, monsoon has arrived. The news is good but along with this season come a lot of problems for your homes. In monsoon, there are many aspects that need to be looked into while considering home care needs. Take the necessary safety precautions to keep away from moisture and termites and feel safe to enjoy the monsoon. Basic care and little bit of attention at the right time and place during this season can do wonders to your home. Here are a few tips that can help you make this season tension-free.

  • Apply wax or grease on the steel frames of grills in bedroom, halls etc. This will help to keep away from rust during rains.
  • Keep your home as dry as possible. The best way to do is by using a dehumidifier or air conditioner. If neither of these is available then keep windows and door open in sunny days of monsoon.
  • During monsoon, shoe cupboard is to be taken immense care. By installing a low-voltage bulb inside in your shoe cupboard, the heat generated from the bulb will combat the moisture.
  • Rugs should be rolled up during the rainy season; they just get dirty if you use them. If you wrap them properly in polyethylene sheets, they will be safe from both water damage and insect infestation.

Insect free monsoon

  • Make sure there are no cracks and openings in contact with the ground in order to block access to insects.
  • Maintaining hygiene in the kitchen is very important, pack & seal the garbage bag to avoid bad odour & flies.
  • Mix vinegar in water & use it for cleaning this helps to keep ants at bay.
  • Placing empty eggshells outside your home will not allow lizards to enter.
  • During monsoons you cannot rely on the electricity and you don’t want to be stuck with insects in the dark. To get rid of such a situation place a half cut onion near a lit candle and insects won’t dare to be around you.
  • Leave out some orange peel in the open to keep away flies.
  • Clean up all the damp areas as moisture level is higher during monsoons and this may give germs a chance to multiply faster and you cannot take chances with these invisible creatures.
  • Do not allow water to collect anywhere inside or outside your   house to prevent insects & diseases.
  • Put camphor in your cupboards; it takes away the moisture and protects your clothes.
  • Place neem leaves under the carpets this will help to fight micro-organisms & soak moisture.
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