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Monsoon Furniture Care Tips

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Every monsoon swells the furniture by few millimetres leaving behind ugly gaps once it is over. Interior Designer Gouri Pradhan tries to fill in the blanks

I just wanted to spend that perfect rainy afternoon that too in Mumbai with a hot cup of tea and kanda bhaji accompanied with a novel. And my phone rang, opposite was a very good friend of mine requesting me to send my carpenter to fix the swollen door problem.

So, this was not my today’s topic at all but the hazardous deal with that swollen door forced me to write on it. I am damn sure many of you must have dealt with this problem. This is actually not a problem only with doors but with all wood work. Of course unavoidable but it can be reduced to some extent just by taking care of few things.

Door wood matters
Since we started with door, let us talk about it first. It starts with what kind of wood your door is made up of. Whichever wood it may be but must be well seasoned. A well seasoned wood is laid in rains and suns for an adequate time period that give a strength to that wood to stand and face any season. Normally, old wood is treated well and hence that stands with a good performance as compared to new wood. For any wood, maintenance is very important factor. A regularly polished or painted wood is less prone to absorb moisture.

While turning around to other furniture items, if they are made up of wood, then upper tips are applicable to them too. Still some extra care can be taken just by keeping all loose furniture little away from windows and damp walls to avoid direct contact with moisture.

Cleaning process
Keeping furniture clean is also one of the ways to save furniture. Never clean furniture with damp cloth, instead use dry duster. All furniture that is polished or painted should be checked before monsoon so that can be oiled, waxed or repolished if required. This will surely prevent the furniture from absorbing moisture.
But what to do with furniture that has already been laminated. Few things you have to take care of from the beginning. Always see to it that all your furniture finished with laminate are sealed properly while making itself. If it is not sealed properly then most probably you are helpless with it.

A simple trick will help you keep your furniture moisture free. Use camphor or naphthalene balls inside the furniture. This trick is being used since ages. They will not only keep your furniture dry but also help you keep it termite free.

But you definitely cannot spread camphor or naphthalene balls on your fully upholstered sofa or your dining chairs. Fully upholstered furniture is more susceptible to moisture. Also, when the atmosphere is full of moisture you cannot prevent 100 percent moisture absorption even with above techniques.

So you think it is even more difficult? Don’t think so, we are modern people equipped with modern gadgets. Modern science has solution to almost every problem then how can it not be for this. A dehumidifier is a one-go solution to all your moisture-related issues. It is an electric gadget which absorbs moistured air, dries it and releases dry air from other end.

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