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Making your home safe and secure

Friday, November 03, 2017
By Property Team

Home safety is one of the most important aspects of all apartments in Mumbai. A look at some measures that can be taken to prevent unwanted incidents

When it comes to home safety innumerable measures are still not sufficient. A person has to eternally stay alert in order to maintain the security of his house. Today read any newspaper, you will find stories of house-breaking, and people being robbed. The police cannot protect us round the clock; as citizens it is our responsibility too, to protect ourselves. So it has become very important to update ourselves on this front.

Stay alert
As a resident, it is most important to keep a keen eye on the safety measures applied by the developer when you enter in to the agreement as well when you look for the amenities of your home. Don't try to breech the safety systems in the complex, rather try to study them and improvise to your lifestyle. Like if the builder hasn't provided a safety gate then have one on your cost and see that it’s properly installed.

Not just the head of the family but even youngsters in a home should stay alert constantly. Keep an eye on the changes in and around your residence when you are moving. In case if you notice any changes, immediately seek the help of police. One has to constantly check if the doors and the windows are locked. Always have a habit of opening the main door of your home only after confirming the visitor. Theft alarms these days are a common sight in every house. Installing this will make your home secure from robbers.

In some cases when a robbery is hatched, the home alarm can be disconnected by an accustomed person in order to carry out the theft. The owner has to vigilantly keep a check if the alarm is functioning properly. Remember, ultimately any such incidence is never an accident, mostly our own habit lays us in trouble when its case of a robbery and if we can't avoid it, we can at least try to prevent.

In security aspect, developer plays major role. First of all, most security systems are possible to install only if they are planed before the project starts. So it's important for the developer to study the lifestyle of the occupants and then design security measures. Knowing our lifestyle and social behaviour, it is a fact that security cameras at our home are not of much use. A single entry and exit system to the building is easy to guard. We can plan a safety gate and locking system at the entrance lobby level. Also, providing sufficient height compound wall, and segregating commercial and residential areas in the complex is a must.

Grills and safety doors
Providing built-in grills securely embedded in the masonry is also important if the windows are aluminium sliding ones. It's been observed that where the M.S. Grills are screwed, robbers have entered flats by removing grill screws. Even windows opening into the flat's own private terrace should be secured with an M.S. Grill.

There has to be a safety door at all the entrances to the common areas such as common terrace, staircase as well as lift lobby. Emergency alarm in stair/lift lobby also can be thought of. Presently, in the market there are many gadgets which give different kind of alarms /warning calls in different emergencies. We can have a wiring provision and a power back for the same in case of electricity shut outs. Ample light points in and around the buildings, especially common areas, is one aspect which is usually neglected.

Try to avoid enclosed common places which later can act as hideouts.  Do not completely rely on people around you or leave your complete contact details and personal information with someone. This will lead to a chaos. Also make sure you discard all the personal information from your garbage and dispose it.

Safety measures do not just ends at precautions against robbers, it's highly important that there must be thought in the planning for the mishap like fire or any mechanical accident in the complex.

Many security system manufacturers provides packages. These packages typically include a video door camera, fire alarms, electrical cable fault detectors, and smoke detectors, among other things, that help making the entire house secure.

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