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Making your home Christmas ready!

Friday, December 16, 2016
By Property Team

Christmas is approaching. Along with cheerfulness and holidays, it’s also the time to decorate your house to bring in the X’mas spirit.

While decorating your house can be a lot of fun, it can also be somewhat stressful if you don’t know how to go about things. However, help is close at hand. Here are 10 easy tips on making your house ‘Christmassy’!
1.    A wreath on the front door is easy and instantly adds colour and festivity.

2.    Christmas is incomplete without holly and mistletoe, so tuck the former into high corners (so as not to prick anyone) or use as part of the table decoration and hang the latter over doors. Mistletoe can be a lot of fun if you intend to throw a Christmas party.

3.    If you’re using a real Christmas tree, place the stump in a tub/reservoir of water so that the tree stays alive and fresh. Drape the tree with twinkle lights, starting with the inner branches and moving outwards.

4.    If you have children, putting up stockings in their bedroom is a must. The stockings are traditionally filled with sweets, chocolate, candy and small toys.

5.    Christmas carols lend a nice touch; and should be part of every home during Christmas. If singing the carols is not possible, slip in a tape or CD of carols. The effect is almost as good.

6.    Your Christmas dinner should be served on a well-laid table, preferably with a centerpiece. Plum cake is a traditional part of Christmas and mustn’t be skipped. A popular custom, especially in households that had children is that plum cake was baked with money in it. Whoever got a coin in his/her slice of cake could keep it.

7.    Candles add a lovely touch - they look festive and peaceful at the same time; thus being perfect for celebration as well as prayer - the two equally important components of Christmas.

8.    The ornaments on your tree should not be hung only from the edges of the branches. They should be spread evenly to the insides as well - otherwise your tree will end up looking unbalanced. Angels, Santas and stars are some traditional ornaments. Try some fake snow all over the tree for a truly Christmassy look.

9.    Ribbons and bows perk up the place instantly. Tie them to chairs, stair banisters, light fixtures and doorknobs.

10.    The outside of your house is as important as the inside, so light it up with twinkle lights, decorate it with wreaths and if you’re feeling energetic, drape some tin icicles and cotton snow on the trees and plants.

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