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Making storage look beautiful

Friday, July 21, 2017

To make a home more functional as well as more appealing, one of the aspects that needs to be addressed is storage planning. Storage can be designed to look aesthetic too; it can only add to the beauty of the house. Read on for some easily executable ideas.

  • Use shelves to create a unique, custom built  wall sculpture. Hang small wall ledges above, to the side of or below a larger shelf to create a circular "sculpture." Or hang four ledges of the same or various sizes in a column aligned on the left or right side.
  • Create a low-cost blackboard in your home office, child's room or kitchen. Paint a wall or section of a wall with black chalkboard paint. Hang a wall ledge near the bottom of the chalkboard to hold coloured chalk and an eraser.
  • Rather than hanging your wall art, lean it against the wall, on a shelf shelf that has an edge. Arrange shelves at varying levels or hang a multi-level decorative wall shelf unit. For more visual interest, stagger your artwork so that one or two smaller prints sit in front of a larger piece. Be sure to install the shelf well and reinforce large or heavy paintings or photos by attaching them to the wall.
  • Show off your prized possessions in a unique way. Install several corner ledges in the corner of your living room to display small, special items.
  • Hang five or six deep ledges of the same length on the wall. Or choose multi-tiered decorative wall shelves as another creative display option. Arrange a few books, vases and picture frames on the shelves for a very modern, clean look. Cover your books with simple, monotone paper for a uniform look.
  • Personalize a child's space. Hang a long display ledge with a deep groove above a crib or child's bed, make sure it is out of reach of the child. Place oversized alphabet cards in the groove; spell out your child's name or a clever saying.
  • Hang wall shelves near the ceiling around the entire perimeter of child's room. Place toy trains, doll collection, baseball collection or other memorabilia on the shelves for an instant "theme" room. Stack books on a shelf fixed lower where they can reach easily.
  • Add a little sparkle to your decor. Place a deep wall shelf above your bar or high up in your kitchen to display your beautiful wine glasses.
  • Get whimsical with a different shape of shelving, animal or geometrical for a totally different look. Admittedly these may not hold too much, but will definitely become a talking point.
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