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Make the most of your home space

Friday, September 22, 2017
By Property Team

As the cost of buying a home increases, the buyers end up buying homes of shrunken sizes. The challenge is to make the most of the space available whilst keeping it clutter free.

  • Tips for kitchen – Provide good lighting in your kitchen. Use of plain shelves instead of standard rotating corner unit will give you more storage space for larger vessels.


  • Pick a lighter shade for your walls – A lighter shade creates an illusion making your home look larger than it is.


  • Choose the right furniture – The furniture involves cost so make sure you don’t over indulge. Dispose off extra furniture. If your space is less, choose minimal furniture. Innovate your furniture to make most of the space.


  • Woodwork – Match the colour of your woodwork with the walls of your home to give them a feeling of oneness. They will create an artificial feeling of space to your home.


  • Make most of your walls – Mount your flat screens, DVDs into the wall. They also act as decorative elements and enhance your interiors. They are also easy to maintain and consume less space.
  • Columns – If your house has columns, turn them into something useful instead of letting them lie waste. They can be converted into shelves made of glass or wood.
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