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Last-minute home decor for Gudi Padwa

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Tomorrow is the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa. However, if your home isn’t decked up for the occasion, here are some tips by interior designer Kavita Bhalerao, which should definitely come in handy

We all love to welcome the New Year of Gudi Padwa with some rituals in traditional way for happiness and positivity. Gudi is a symbol of prosperity and happiness. Everything is expected to be auspicious. Festival celebration means getting together and having fun with our near and dear ones. For this celebration, we prepare lots of things; want to decorate our home in traditional way. Here are some tips which will help you to decorate your home quickly with festive look.

Rangoli welcomes the good spirit and symbol of positivity and joy. Some people have a courtyard or spacious main entrance where you can draw big and beautiful Rangoli pattern. If you don't have spacious main entrance, still you can make a small Rangoli pattern. Remember,Rangoli is for happiness, so don't be afraid if you are not an artist. Use ready-made Rangoli patterns made out of wood, acrylic or stickers form or use marigold flowers with some leaves. Try something innovative which will give beautiful look and become more welcoming.

We believe that good spirits enter our home by our main door. So welcome all good spirits by hanging the toran at the main entrance door. It should look grand and welcoming, use marigold flowers with mango leaves. The combination of yellow and green will look beautiful. You can use new variety torans which are made up of wood, paper etc.

Diya means light. You can arrange the diyas in the main entrance/ corner table with flower decoration. Use brass diyas like Samai, lamandiya, etc. Assortment of diyas enhance the beauty. We can use floating candles also. Nowadays floating candles withfragrance bells are also available. You can hang bells at different heights.   

If we can't change the furniture or can’t  rearrange the same. Just a small change in furnishing will change the whole look of the room. Use bright colour cushion cover, silk with golden border cushion cover will blend with all decors. Use bright curtains or you can just use beads for decorative purpose for the window. You can tie the small Gudi on the curtain rod or arrange it on the main entrance.

Flowers and Fragrance
With the help of bright and vibrant colour flower petals, we can make beautiful designs where Gudi is hoisted. Also, we can arrange flowers around the diyas. We can arrange the glass /brass bowl for flower arrangement. Aromatic candles are best for the mood creation.

Crockery and Cutlery
It's time to take out and arrange your beautiful silver, brass crockery and cutlery. Arrange the silver and brass artefacts which will create a perfect ethnic look.
Gudi Padwa is basically a vibrant and colourful festival. We use bright cloth, silver or copper pot, neem leaves with marigold flower for hoisting of Gudi. Rangoli, Toran, flowers create positive vibrations. Thus, a little changes not only make your home attractive and outstanding, but will also make your relatives and friends happy and welcoming.

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