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Keep the leather shining

Friday, March 10, 2017
By Property Team

Leather is a highly durable, low-maintenance surface for home furnishings. Here are some useful tips to maintain it properly

Leather furniture is becoming more popular with each passing day. Many people enjoy the elegance and class this furniture can add to any area of the home, such as the drawing room, study room and even the kitchen. It is important, in order to keep everything looking its best, that we learn what it takes to protect leather furniture from stains and the average wear and tear that could result from use. Keeping your leather sofa, chair, bean bags clean is relatively simple if you follow the proper steps. The following instructions will help you keep your leather furniture as good as new.

  • Leather furniture typically comes with some sort of instructions from the manufacturer in regards to cleaning and maintenance. It is important to follow these instructions. For the simple reason that not all leather is the same and require different types of attention, depending on the type and treatment it has already been through. Different types of leather upholstery have different cleaning requirements, so you first need to know what type of leather you have.
  • Cloth- Incorporate wiping the furniture into your weekly household  cleaning routine. Keeping dust from building up is the best preventative cleaning measure. For more stubborn dust, dampen the cloth with distilled water. Make sure that the cloth is not soaking wet. Never let water soak into leather. Always be sure to use a soft cloth and never use an abrasive brush or scrubber as this can scratch and damage the leather.
  • Regular maintenance is important when it comes to this kind of furniture. Dusting and vacuuming regularly can help keep it looking fresh and new. Vacuuming can help in reaching areas that the dusting cloth might not be able to, such as crevices and edges. Each year you should treat the leather with a good quality leather conditioner as well.
  • Place your furniture away from air conditioners, heat sources, and prolonged direct sunlight. Leather tends to fade when placed directly in sunlight.
  • Sometimes stains are unavoidable; if the furniture should happen to get a stain, take great care to use the appropriate cleaning methods and solutions. It is suggested that you first test any cleaning methods in an inconspicuous area. This allows you to test the method, being sure it will not damage the rest of the furniture.
  • Through use, scratches are sometimes unavoidable. However, scratches are easily remedied. There are several ways to remove scratches such as a damp cloth or even your fingers.
  • Do not use saddle soap or mink oil some people insist that saddle soap or mink oil is the best way to clean or condition your leather, regardless of what type of leather you have.  However, oil-based cleaners will stretch the leather near the seams, changing the colour and pulling the leather away from the stitching.
  • Avoid using any cleaning agents that are harsh and could potentially damage your leather.
  • Leather does acquire a patina i.e. a shiny or glazed surface as it ages. This is a natural process and not a defect in the workmanship of your leather furniture. This changing patina of leather is the charm of the material and what makes it so valuable – it won't stay exactly the same as it ages; it ages with you. So, even if you clean and condition it regularly, you will eventually notice that the colour changes as the piece ages – this is normal!
  • If you are in doubt or simply cannot remove a stain, call a specialist who deals in leather.
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