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Kaleidoscopic Extravaganza

Saturday, May 25, 2019

By Parul Mittal
Director, Greenlam Industries Ltd.

Similar to a kaleidoscope, summers give way to an array of colours and warmth that can be added to your home in multiple ways! After the serene winters and a shining spring, summers are where everything comes back to life. Vibrant hues, sunny days, lemonades and pool parties are some of the elements that perfectly sum up this lively season. Beautifully described by Wassily Kandinsky, colours have the power to directly influence your soul. Read on to find out how a simple spatter of colour, relaxing textures and crisp furnishings can transform your home and make it a land of real warmth and coziness.

The Colour Story
This season, summer home décor is making its way through bright and saturated colours that give you ardour and nourishment. Having said that, balancing those colours is equally crucial so that the colours do not overpower each other and flow into each other.

The goal is to mix and match neutral shades with your existing décor to create a calm yet enriching space.  Misty Limewood laminate design from NewMika, a brand of Greenlam Industries, is a light tanned hue which will give a calming and harmonious aura to your home. Use sober pastels to bring some life to the look with colours such as purples, greens, blues and more. While they bring interest to your room, these tints further add to the tranquillity of the space. In creating an uplifting space, intriguing colour combinations paired with neutral shades and balanced with hints of colours would definitely make for a lovely treat to your eyes.

Under the Sun
Yellow is a colour that exudes happiness and glee. From soft, light yellow to strong mustard tones, there is something for everybody. This colour evokes optimism and exuberance making it a perfect choice for feature walls or furniture accessories.

Furnishings are a great way to add new and free-spirited colours into your space. Yellow statement chairs make for a stunning inclusion wherever they are placed. Sheer Concrete décor from NewMika Laminates seamlessly matches the bright colours without looking excessive and making a smooth backdrop for this splendid shade. Yellow adds just the right amount of colour where the shade looks distinct to the eyes. If you want to further expand your love for yellow, pair your statement armchair with a set of patterned throw cushions to enliven your space. Incorporate abstract art work or light fixtures that complement the rest of the décor. With these subtle touches of this energetic colour, your home will definitely look magnificent.  

50 shades of beige    
Gone are those days when beige and browns were treated as inferior colours. Today, earthy tones like camel, tobacco and rust with warm and rich greys create a stunning synchronization in any living space. Earthy colours are versatile and can take on different characteristics depending on how they are used. One can have endless combinations between colours that are soft and muted, creating interesting design elements throughout the room.

Pair your earthy tones with a black and white décor with hints of radiant colours. Especially for a kitchen, you would be surprised to know that simple everyday items like mittens, crockery, succulents or potted plants can also make for perfect décor pieces. Wild Walnut laminate design from NewMika Laminates acts as a flawless option to add an element of nature to your space. Not only does this shade provide a classy twist to the kitchen, but also looks alluring to the eyes.

With summers finally knocking on your door, get ready to go all out and make your space the best version of your dreams!

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