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Island Kitchen: Centre of Attraction

Saturday, March 03, 2018
By Property Team

More than ever, kitchen designs incorporate spaces for entertaining and gathering guests and growing families. If the kitchen is the centre of your home, then the kitchen island is centre of attraction of your kitchen

With the reducing space crunch, families are getting smaller and, at the same time, people are opting for luxurious lifestyle and designer homes. Along with spacious living room to perfect bedrooms, even kitchens are given a major attention today. Adding extra workspace and decorative interest to the kitchen has become the new trend today. Island kitchen has gained popularity with those who want to make multi usage of the kitchen apart from just cooking. Using industrial appliances, state-of-art cabinets, designer countertops materials are a part of the island kitchen, which adds more workspace and additional storage area. In addition to offering extra countertop space, large kitchen islands can provide extra cabinets, drawers and shelves to store necessities like utensils and small appliances.

The kitchen island takes on many forms and functions. It can serve as an expansive prep area or as seating for friends and family or as the ultimate multifunction unit for all of the above as well as homework. The kitchen island embodies all that we love about open-concept homes: It is functional, social and adaptable.

Highly adaptable
A kitchen island can be put in a single row kitchen cabinets lineup or as part of a L-shape kitchen; the island serves as the centre of the entire kitchen. It can also serve as a standalone platform giving more workspace and convenience. With the changing food habits, kitchens have also changed to suit the changing lifestyle of people. With the open kitchen concept in trend, the concept of island kitchen has become very popular.

Mumbai based interior designer Ajit Sawant says,  “Island kitchen is the kitchen with stand-alone cooking platform in the centre, which allows working from all four sides. Use of different materials like stones, granite marble is made for the countertops. Especially Corian tiles available in various colours and patterns are used, which gives a peculiar look to the kitchen.”  

Not only new homebuyers but also those having old kitchens with awkward working spaces can use the island kitchen idea to take advantage from the kitchen space. A kitchen island can have the same design as the main counter and cabinets or it can have its own unique design based on various contemporary, traditional styles. Wood, granite, marble, and stainless steel in combination with other materials are used to give the desired look.

No death of options
With a number of new products and appliances coming in there are limitless options by the way one can use them. One can even personalise the kitchen with the use of sink, granite counters, a cook top, cabinets for storage, a second dishwasher, a warming oven, or a small refrigerator. A flat surface island is a simple solution and contributes a simple elegance to a kitchen. Architectural details such as bump-outs, corner posts, inset areas, and open shelving add personality and style to the kitchen. While a kitchen island can be as simple as a table with open legs, many new kitchen islands are being designed with useful and decorative touches, making a kitchen island a focal point in the kitchen.

If your kitchen is smaller or you have the need for a smaller island, there are countless choices available in a cart style. With a set of wheels, these islands can be moved or positioned for optimal use. Despite their diminutive size, they can still serve a big role in the modern kitchen.

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