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Ingredients for that perfect kitchen

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Kitchen is an integral part of our home. So, we need a perfect kitchen which is user-friendly. In short, every family member should be able to use this kitchen. Interior designer Kavita Bhalerao explains how to make the kitchen simple, more functional yet stylish

Modular kitchen qualities
Everyone knows ‘modular kitchen’ by the term only. But, in a practical way, we can create more storage and make our cooking easy with the help of modular kitchen. For this type of kitchen, we do not need a big space or a big kitchen. We can provide modular system in small space also. Modular kitchen is very easy to install and maintain.

It is easy to plan modular kitchen from scratch but an existing space one can also be renovated. First, we required proper layout for kitchen so we can fix the positions for chimney, hob, other fittings like microwave, fridge, oven, etc. While making a layout always remember the concept of Golden Triangle, which means a distance between fridge or refrigerator sink and hob.

Following are some points which can help you to make your kitchen perfect:

1 Material for kitchen platform:
Selection of material is a crucial part in the kitchen. Marble, granite are common while making a kitchen. Now, there are many different materials available in market which are used for kitchen platform. Some people prefer stainless steel material for their platform, but this is in very rare case. You can use engineered stone for the kitchen platform. Engineered stone is available in many colours so we can create a good colour scheme for our kitchen also with the help of this stone.

2 Kitchen sink: Kitchen sink is a major part of modular kitchen or normal kitchen. Cleanliness and functionality is also very important while selecting the kitchen sink. One can use double bowl sinks, single bowl sink. And, we can get many material options for kitchen sink also. Always remember hygiene of kitchen is dependent on which kind of sink you are using.

3 Electric appliances: Appliances plays a vital role in kitchen when we think of renovating our kitchen or making a new kitchen. First, we have to decide our electrical appliances in modular system. We can create good space for all these appliances. If you have a small kitchen, built-in appliances are always advisable. Built-in appliances mean appliances which fit in cupboard. We can fit these kind of appliances in a tall unit.

4 Light and Ventilation: Natural as well as artificial lighting is very much essential for kitchen. Sometimes, there is less natural light, then we have to provide more artificial light. Not only selection of light, but the position of light is equally beneficial while designing a kitchen. Fixing a tube just above the cooking range or gas is not preferable. Over a period, tube light gets sticky. We can use ceiling light for kitchen. If you don't provide a false ceiling, no worries just use surface fitting for kitchen. We can provide profile lights below the overhead cabinet. Hanging light is perfect option for open kitchen. Fresh air is required for cooking area. Use chimney, exhaust fan, ceiling fan for circulation of fresh air.

5 Storage: Use the kitchen area intelligently to create maximum storage. Parallel type platform can be used bothside of walls for storage. If you have L-type platform, then you can use the corner space wisely. We can create trolley on one part and we can provide a shelf system for another part of platform for the big containers. Overhead storage is also a good way to create extra space. Tall units, drawer, corner unit, pull out system are also used in modular kitchen storage.

6 Quality: While finalising the kitchen trolley, check the quality of stainless steel. Don’t use low grade material for kitchen. It will not only spoil quality, but aesthetics also. Go for Marine ply, high quality of steel, best appliances and best finishing material for your kitchen surface. Laminate, glass, acrylic these are the surface materials for kitchen which are easily available in the market.

7 Smart Kitchen: Last, but not the least, smart kitchen or tech kitchen is the future. Sensor activated lights that illuminate your kitchen, all appliances can be used with the help of smartphone — this is the concept of smart kitchen.

Making the kitchen friendlier is very essential for us. We have to upgrade our kitchen with time.

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