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Illuminate your house with sconce lighting

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Wall sconces are light fittings mounted on a wall, and are a popular option of lighting the house and also balancing the existing light. Nilesh Ghadge sheds more light on the same

The main advantage of sconce lighting is they do not occupy any space as they are attached on the wall. These wall sconces create a dramatic lighting effect along the entire surface of a wall, adding decoration and texture to the room. When halogen bulbs are used in the sconces they give a soft feel to your room without being harsh on your eyes.

Wall sconce installation is a perfect solution for areas of the house where a single overhead light doesn't quite cut it. In hallways, stairways, and other narrow spaces, wall sconce installation is able to provide adequate lighting throughout the area and add a decorative accent at the same time.

The main advantage of sconces are that they are available in a wide variety of styles and materials like glass, copper, metal, ceramic, wrought iron and fabric. The materials determine the lighting effect they produce. For example, a metal sconce will allow light to escape only from openings in the metal, which gives an extraordinary effect like upward light or downward light depending on the sconces used.

Wall sconces come in a wide range, but as a common rule they all are made in one of three basic design configurations. The configuration is based on the way the rays of light are directed.

Down Light
These sconces are made to direct the light rays downwards. They are usually used in large spacious rooms with the feeling of certain emptiness. Because of this way of lighting, such wall sconces can create cozy and intimate ambiance in a room.

Up Light
These light fixtures are made to direct the light upwards. Unlike the down light sconces, the up light designs are great for smaller rooms.

They can make the room seem wider, more airy and spacious. This unique ability can be used almost in every room, especially in bathrooms, living and
dining rooms.

Up and Down
You may find some models that can direct the light both upwards and downwards. They are good for well-balanced interiors. This design is meant to add more light and depth into an insufficiently lit room.

The most beautiful wall fixtures in home interior are candle wall sconces. They resemble decorated candle stands where multiple candles can be fixed on them. The modern ones even contain water systems, allowing the candles to float in them. Aromatherapy candles or scented ones can be used in these sconces to create a relaxed atmosphere. Easily available, whatever your choice, cheap and versatile, these light fittings have a lot going
for them.

  • Wall sconces with cylindrical shades can be mounted vertically or horizontally. One can use these to frame a bathroom mirror, or mount them above the mirror as well.
  • Wall sconces with fabric shades provide diffused light and work well in living rooms and bedrooms to provide ambient or accent lighting.
  • Wall sconces range in size from 4.5 inches to 17 inches wide and come in a variety of shapes, allowing them to fit in tight spaces. Smaller wall sconces are sometimes referred to as pocket sconces.
  • Popular finishes of wall sconces: Brushed nickel, Satin nickel, Antique bronze, Chrome
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