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How to Select the Right Water Heater for your bathroom?

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Harvinder Singh, President – Appliances and Sewing Machines Business, Usha International

ith the onset of the winter season in India, you must be wondering what water heater one should buy? Or which is a right water heater? With a plethora of options available in the market with different sizes, colours, design, performance, it certainly requires a thorough research before the final purchase decision. Here is a quick list of variables that may prove to be helpful in selecting a right water heater for your bathroom.

Ideal capacity
Now water heaters are available in different sizes and capacities. The options start from 1 litre and go up to 50 litres for the use. Hence, assessment of water consumption for a family is a must to select a right appliance.  For e.g. one should look at buying a water heater with a capacity of 15-25 litres for a family of 3-4 people. Those with multiple draws of hot water at a single time may need a water heater with a bigger storage tank.

Energy Efficiency
With ever rising electricity bills, energy efficiency appliances are the most prefered ones. The new age water heaters now boast of technology that ensures faster heating and keeps water hot for  longer duration. While five-star rating products top the selection criteria, you must ensure to opt for water heaters with Whirl flow technology that helps in faster heating and Superior PUF Insulation that maintains the water temperature resulting in dispensing hot water for the longer duration. Further new heaters come with thermostat and thermal cut-out that cuts off energy consumption as soon as water temperature reaches the maximum and resumes heating only when the water temperature drops.

Design elements
As bathroom’s are now becoming the extension of living rooms, design plays a significant role in selecting  products for the bathroom. While making a selection of the product do make sure it goes along well with the overall bathroom theme. Water heaters are now available in vibrant colours like pink, tangerine, wine, different motifs and patterns like floral and also in classic designs. Different shapes of the heater can be selected from the options like cylindrical, square, oval, rectangular etc. depending on the space and design of the tiles.

Digital displays
The new age water heaters come with smart digital features to operate. Just like other appliances like air conditioner, digital display and soft touch digital panel in water heaters makes it easier to set the required heating temperature. The display provides you with a much-needed frame of reference before changing the settings.

Product Safety Features
A reliable product with appropriate safety features is a must to ensure your family’s safety.  CFC free PUF insulation ensures that the device is fire-retardant i.e. ensures temperature stability. Check if the geyser is integrated with high grade heating element and is shock proof and weather proof making it most durable and safe. The valves used should be made of brass and not plastic to increase the durability quotient. Water heaters should be fitted with multi-functional valve that helps in releasing pressure when pressure exceeds limit. For high-rise apartments, it is advisable to go for a water heater with high pressure withstanding capacity with 8 bar rating being the standard. Water tanks to be preferably made of steel, coated or lined with glass making it corrosion-resistant. Also check for magnesium anode rod to avoid possible recurring expenses on account of element replacement arising due to high salt levels in water. It is an added safety feature if water heater is supported with Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker which protects against electric shock; also look for thermostat, thermal cut out and CE mark of quality.

Product Longevity
Water heaters with quality material and best manufacturing standards ensure product longevity.  For uninterrupted hot water supply in winters, do ensure to check whether it has high-grade heating element, weather proofing, drain value.

Maintenance is very important for appliances which are not used throughout the year. In case of water heaters, very simple and easy procedures can help save huge costs.

Firstly, while installing the heater, one needs to ensure that 2 feet of clearance is maintained around the appliance. Once in a year flush the heater to remove sediments in the bottom of the tank and test temperature pressure release valve to check out for small leaks. Also a regular check up on minute indicators of leakage/defect in heating element can be very useful to avert the risk.

Do choose a brand that delivers well on after sales support.

There is a range of warranties available and in general, are found to be between2 to 10 years. Look for the maximum warranty available as some companies offer up to 5 years and 10 years warranty on the tank.

With multiple options available in varies price points that suites every pocket size; it is a must to consider the above-mentioned features while making a right selection of a water heater.

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