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How to keep children energetic

Friday, March 24, 2017

Children have different energy from adults because they embody new life and vitality. To maintain this flow of energy, it’s very important to keep children fresh and active, says Dr. Tushar Y. Savdavkar

As we all know, children are the major source of energy and happiness of the house. But, some points are to be followed by parents as well as children to maintain the energy level of the surrounding.

Directions to be followed
According to Vastu Shastra, the children’s bedroom should be in the east or north-east direction of the house. Young children are often put to bed in early evening, when the sun is in the western hemisphere and it is still daylight. For this reason, you may want to install heavy blackout curtains or blinds that black out daylight very effectively to encourage the right atmosphere for sleep. Children should be encouraged to study facing the north and east direction of the house. Positive energy from these directions will help the children to develop their mental faculties and gaining knowledge. They should avoid west and never be allowed to face south at all. Also, the child should never study facing a blank wall. This will inhibit Vastu energy and creative thinking.

A child's bed should be pleasantly decorated and positioned somewhere along the south or west wall. The children's room should be carefully furnished and decorated. There should be inspiring photos, paintings and thoughts on the wall.  Keep a combination of light colours on the wall of the room, which will keep the child fresh and help him think positive.

The study space
Your study table should preferably be in the north or east portion of your room for better power of retention. It should be either square or rectangular in shape. Odd-shaped furniture with sharp edges should be avoided. It should have sufficient natural as well as artificial light for reading even for a longer duration without causing any strain to eyes. The bulb of the table lamp should not be exposed.

Avoid placing the study space near any entertaining entity like the radio, television set, mobile phones, etc. Also, it should have its privacy as the guests should not have free access to it. There should be proper ventilation in the study room as it will help you to be fresh throughout the time you study and hence will help you to build your concepts more clearly. Try to arrange the study table near a window which has a proper view from it, avoiding the cars and pollution, but having beautiful scenery.

The chair used should be comfortable, ergonomically perfect enough to make you study properly. Never use the study space for any other reason like sleeping, chit-chatting, etc. Good books helps in bringing positive vastu. Hence, books should be arranged neatly in the southwest direction. The habit of reading books should be cultivated among children. If adults have it, children will automatically cultivate it. Children should be taught to take care of their books.  The collection of books must be developed as a small library for the child and should include classics, general knowledge and some religious books apart from the usual work of fiction.

(To be continued next week)

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