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Home Work for Renovation

Saturday, April 21, 2018

April is the time many residents look to renovate their home as the summer vacations are on. Interior Designer Gouri Pradhan looks into the technical aspects one needs to know about

Looking forward to renovate your house, but no idea where to start from? Don’t get upset. There are several helping hands we are surrounded with; the only thing is you need to choose a right one and I am here to help you in that.

So! Once you make a decision to renovate your premises, many ‘Q’s arise in your mind. Where to start from? Where to get skilled workers? Where to generate best quality and reasonable material from? Most importantly, will my work go over budget or how do I plan my budget?

Budget planning
To overcome this turbulence what you need is a little bit of technical knowledge topped with market updates. So, here we start with your budget building first. Several times people come up with a tight budget. With the same either they want to get everything done up or just wish for an overall makeover. Here, I say, first understand what you want. Start making a list. Meanwhile, never go and check neighbour’s house because they have done it with their own requirements. Give priority to your needs. Then, turn to your monetary part. Check and tally your needs, choices with your budget. Don’t get surprised if they clash. Now, it is high time to focus on your preferences. Being a non-technical or layman, it is obvious to start counting your preferences with furniture like things. Here you need an expert’s advice. An expert can prepare a systematic estimate for you. Now, you can find your vague budget in a right form. This surely will help you step towards a correct and calculative decision.

Concrete changes first
Being in Interior Designing field, I would like to share a wise word with you. Do solid things first i.e.. Start working with civil changes as they are concrete. Getting a house done up is not a frequent job hence concrete or permanent changes first. Furniture, you may change once in two to five years or so, painting you may get done yearly or you may change your curtains whenever you feel like, but changing your floor tiles or rotating kitchen platform from right to left is not that easy. So even with a tight budget do concrete changes first, other things can be added later.

The priority things may contain a leaking bathroom. A good plumbing and waterproofing is the only permanent solution to it. A bad wiring may cause lifelong damage not only to your house but also to your home. Getting walls painted with luxurious paints may not be enough if the plaster itself is loose.

I know am not sounding like many other designers, who may advise you on colour scheme, furniture arrangement or upholstery selection. Definitely, I agree, making your premises look good is foremost job of an Interior Designer, but making your house technically sound is also equally important.

So, here we start with a new vision and let us understand our needs ourselves along with technical details. So, with a blink, I can say no one can cheat you anymore.

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