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Home decor trends for 2019

Saturday, February 02, 2019

By Pradeep Singhvi- Founder & CEO of

If in this Near Year, you are planning for a new start by giving a makeover to your home, then you must consider certain home decor trends which as per the experts will be very popular in 2019. Below is a look at those trends that can help you design your home in an effortless way and yet look classy and trendy...

1.    Floral patterns for adding the lively quotient:
Floral pattern home decorating trend has been around for a while. Floral patterns can be contemporary or vintage. Over the years, there have been significant changes in the use of such designs. Designers believe that in the year 2019, exaggerated proportions and contrasting colours would be majorly used to make the floral patterns all the more appealing. However, one of the major challenges with floral patterns is that they are a bit difficult to implement and if they are not used in an appropriate way, they can give a messy look to your home. Hence, you need to ensure that you create an emphasis with a floral detail by keeping a relatively subtle background and then popping a floral pattern in the room anywhere, be it on a wall, chair or other furniture.

2. Going bold with the colours:
It is a known fact that pastel or lighter shades of colours can make your space look elegant. However, accurate use of bold colours can also make the room look overwhelming and stylish. Typically, bold colours in rooms work best when they have something to play off of. It should be noted here that use of neutral colours is a must to break the monotonous use of bold colours and make the room soothing for your eyes. Thus, keeping the above point in mind, look out for dramatic reds, statement pinks, bold yellows and organic greens for your room, this New Year!

3. Opting for matte finish to give a contemporary look:
Currently, it’s a trend to opt for matte finish over glossy. This trend would gain more prominence in 2019 as well. In comparison to the dramatic effect of high-gloss finishes that looks tacky, matte finishes lend a more relaxed and contemporary look and feel to your room. In fact, a smooth matte finish can bring in a sense of ease and relaxation to a space. Typically, adding a clean line to your design, a matte finish can add an element of sophistication to your home which is not always found with other surface textures.

4. Experimenting with geometric patterns:
Similar to floral patterns, incorporating geometric patterns is also a growing trend that will gain momentum in 2019. It is seen that geometric patterns have the ability to add different kind of edgy look to any room. Generally, bold colours are used with bigger patterns. Typically, such patterns revive the seventies look and evoke instant visual interest of the viewer. The best part about such patterns is that you can pretty much fit them into any feature of the room your heart desires.

So, this New Year, not only give a makeover to your life but your home too by opting for the home decor trends which would definitely be ‘IN’ in the year 2019.

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