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Guide to Shungite

Friday, January 06, 2017

Using Shungite is a highly effective way to protect oneself from harmful radiations emitted by gadgets around us, writes Dr. Tushar Yashwant Savdavkar

Shungite works well against harmful sources as it does not become saturated, does not take on a negative charge and powerfully keeps on transforming the radiation into biocompatible elements (right torsions fields).

For example, if we use a detection device to measure the emission field of a Wi-Fi hot spot protected with a shungite plate, we will quite happily still find the Wi-Fi signal doing its job of connecting two devices wirelessly with its waves. What changes and what is not revealed by the detection device is the subtle quality of the emanation, the biocompatibility of the waves with your energy when there is a shungite plate, and the fact that the emanation’s negative when the plate is not there.

There are many forms of shungite that can be used with equipment that emits harmful radiation. The following recommendations apply in the same proportions to any electromagnetic equipment that you have to use or want to use.

Cell phones
As an initial step, you only need a small adhesive disc or a pendant that you wear in order to completely neutralise the harmful effects of the waves, which attack your energetic balance, your health and especially, given the way cell phones are held, your cerebral auditory functions.

Wi-Fi hot spots
Peoples have lot of questions and requests for advice about  Wi-Fi, and especially about Wi-Fi from your neighbours, because very often when you start up your computer and take a look at the number of Wi-Fi signals present in your home (in a city this can amount to eight, ten or even fifteen), you can get upset just seeing the number. Carrying a shungite stone on one’s person or placing shungite objects in your home can provide protection from Wi-Fi signals that are coming from your neighbours.

In order to ensure an effective transformation of the emanations, you need to use polished stone of type II shungite, weighing a minimum of 10 to 15 grams (0.4 to 0.5 ounce), or a of silver quality shungite of at least 10 grams (0.4 ounce). There are round plates designed for computers that can also be used with a Wi-Fi base.

Laptop computers which are widely used, are harmful as well.  This is not so much because of the screen, which does not radiate negatively the way the old cathode ray screen used to do, but more because of the hard drive’s motor and its active components. It is advisable to place a round plate or stone on the computer beside the keyboard. The action of the shungite will bring relief to the user, particularly when using the keyboard and the mouse. In order to benefit from a stronger effect and to combat the fatigue that accompanies working on a laptop, the effect of the shungite plate can be enhanced by also having a shungite stone in one’s pocket or wearing it as a pendant.

For those who spend many hours in front of computer screen, the most comprehensive protection is a shungite cushion. Sitting on the cushion containing 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of shungite allows you to benefit from its activating effect the entire time you are seated.

Cordless phone
The base of a cordless phone in fact emits harmful bioenergetics waves that extend out all around it to a distance of around 10 meters (33 feet). Since the radiation has its source in the base of the phone, it is essential to protect the base (or opt for a non-portable phone). To correct negative influence from the base use a shungite plate, or a shungite stone of a minimum of 15 gms (0.5 ounce) or a black polished shungite and a minimum 10 gms (0.4 ounce ) silver shungite.

Electrical panels
It is useful to place a shungite pyramid on the electrical distribution panel of a house or apartment.  Having it there will correct the damaging influence of 60 Hz alternating current that is typically emitted by electrical installation. For a studio or small apartment, a pyramid of 5 cm (2 inches) is enough. The more extensive the electric installation, the larger the pyramid should be. For a house without electric heating, a pyramid of 7 cm (2.8 inches) is likely enough.

For many people, the microwave oven is completely harmless. But, do you know that a microwave oven uses microwaves to excite the molecules of water that are present in our food in order to heat it. The bioenergetics measurements taken by all practitioners show that all food and drink that is cooked or heated in microwave ovens, causes us to lose from 40 per cent to 60 per cent of its vital nutrients. The only possible protection, in bioenergetic terms is never to use them and therefore to not even have to microwave oven in the home.  If you value your health, stop using them.  It’s as simple as that.

Carrying or wearing shungite
Another way of protecting yourself from the electromagnetic waves that now assail our lives from all sides consists of carrying or wearing shungite on the body. Shuntige acts on our energetic body as a concentrator and an activator, transforming in real time the impact of left torsion fields on our vital systems.

There are various workplace situations (offices, factories, businesses) where may people have to share space with several others. In such cases you can’t necessarily act directly on the sources of the harmful radiation and people who are aware of the harmful nature of the waves.

Nowadays, there is a wide selection of pendants of all shapes that can be worn as jewellery or more discretely under one’s clothing. Sometimes it only takes a few grams of shungite worn against the skin to feel the concentrating and activating effect. Some pendants are in polished black shungite and other are in silver shungite, which can be smaller but which have a much stronger effect.

Shungite and locales
If you detect a general problematic situation connected to electromagnetic emission in a place you often frequent, such as your home or place of work, and it is impossible for you to intervene directly at the source of these emissions, you can nevertheless intervene by placing shungite at carefully chosen strategic points in that locale.

(Dr. Tushar Yashwant Savdavkar is Ph.D in Vastu and Astrological Sciences)

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