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Good study habits for kids

Friday, March 31, 2017

Vastu Shastra can play a significant role in developing positive study habits in kids. Dr. Tushar Y. Savdavkar explains how

Study patterns

The study pattern must be set by the child itself, He/she must create a proper time table which is to be thoroughly followed. He/she should include everything needed for his/her benefit. One should include physical fitness time in the morning, including some yog asanas for mental stability, time for having a proper diet throughout the day, which should include sprouts and leafy vegetables along with protein rich food like soya beans for vegetarians and fish for others. Avoid junk food. Keep time for some entertainment when the child is back from school to release the stress, and time to revise the day’s studies.

According to Vastu Shastra, morning is the best and ideal time to study as our alertness is at its peak, which helps in maintaining concentration.  Take care that the duration for studying should not be too long, as it can lead to fatigue. Hence, get a small break after every hour and then get back to studies freshly. Revise quickly about the stuff you studied before going for the break. Also, try to take out some time for a quick revision before going to bed. Get your doubts and problems cleared instantly by consulting books or teachers. Develop a habit of maintaining notes. A short pencil is better than large memory. Learn to concentrate while studying and bring back your mind every time it wanders to other things.  Try to maintain a proper position while studying, and always avoid studying when you are in a sleeping position. Rather, you can read some story books or other than studies-related books while going to sleep.

According to Vastu Shastra, you should go to bed immediately after studying in the evening rather than taking up any other activity; revise the material in the morning before your daily routine makes you forget it.  Learn to read faster and get a general idea of the subject matter by fast reading before you begin to study it. Do some mental exercise frequently like solving a crossword, which will help your development with words. Solving puzzles like Sudoku will help you exercise your brain. Do not worry if you forget anything. Pay attention only to important things that you want to retain. Revise that part daily in order to keep you in touch with it. Never be scared of exams. Confront them confidently with the help of positive thinking and right mental attitude. Know your subject well and be prepared for anything. Cultivate keen interest in your subject by asking two questions- 1)”Why am I studying this subject?”  and 2)”What do I want to learn about it?”               

Get a proper surrounding
Your friend circle is as important as your house environment. You should always place yourself in a group of people who have a positive approach towards everything. There should always be a healthy competition in terms of studies between you and your friends. Avoid keeping yourself in touch with people who think and behave unwisely, neglect their career, don’t give respect to elders. You should yourself think wisely with whom to live and whom to leave. If you cannot judge it, take guidance of your parents.

Conduct proper group discussions among your group not only related to studies but also different topics like religions, your career options, daily news and your opinions on that, etc.  All these will improve your knowledge in a proper direction. This should be conducted not only with friends but also with your family members as they have faced many troubles in their life and also got the solutions to it. Always try to get various approaches to a problem. This will help you built your perception.         

Encouraging good study with gold calcite
This is an ideal mind-boosting crystal. Associated with mental empowerment, it may amplify your child’s efforts toward academic success. Gold calcite is also associated with creativity, so it will stimulate and support your child in their artistic pursuits and encourage a creative approach to projects.
To help your child focus on their studies at home, place a gold calcite crystal on the desk close to where he/she reads and writes. This stone helps him/herstay alert mentally, giving him/her extra motivation and increasing his memory skills. If he/she is struggling with a difficult task, get him/her to hold the crystal for a while and ask for its help to solve the problem related to the studies

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