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Give your bedroom a makeover

Friday, April 21, 2017

Your bedroom should be a place for you to relax and unwind and it should  never be an after thought. Sangram Bhoite gives some bedroom makeover ideas to help you to renovate and revamp your home

It is common for people to over-clutter their bedrooms with items and strong colours that have less than a soothing effect on our minds even though it is important that we make our sleeping environment as appealing and as comfortable as possible.

Appropriate fittings and furniture can make or break a room, especially a bedroom where you spend most of your precious ‘alone time’. Achieving a sleek contemporary look or a lavish classical décor depending on your taste by choosing appropriate furniture for the room is a task by itself. It needs careful planning.

You can find bedroom furniture just about anywhere but if constant redecoration is a given then purchasing high quality furniture might not be a good idea. Beds are available in four standard sizes – king size, queen size, double and twin.

Personalise furniture
In addition to traditional beds there are daybeds, futons, sofa beds, waterbeds, and airbeds. Platform beds are in vogue these days. Personalise your furniture, for instance, if you watch television in your bedroom, you can incorporate higher headboards in the bed to support your back.

Beds are available in different shapes, styles, and materials to suit varying needs, always go for the best that you can afford as this is a crucial item for getting a great rest. Children’s rooms are always messy and a bed with storage is a good idea.

Storage types
Storage is another crucial element of the bedroom, fulfilled by a variety of drawers that come in many shapes and sizes, which offer both function and visual appeal in your bedroom. Dressers,  nightstands, chests of drawers and laundry chests all function to help store clothing and other items and are great accessories for the bedroom. The more regular types are chifferobes (cupboards combined with a chest of drawers), armoires, and wardrobes. Both chifferobes and armoires offer both space for hanging clothes and drawer space as well.

Ajit Sawant, a city-based interior designer, says “In the bedroom side table is the must have furniture piece, which should have a big enough space on top to fit a clock, table lamp and some other miscellaneous items.”

Further, he adds, shelves are very useful bedroom accessories, and can come in many shapes and sizes depending largely on the types of things you wish to display within your room. If you have fewer display items and books, you may prefer smaller shelves that take up less visual space. If your bedroom is small, painting your shelves, the same color, as your wall will give the appearance of a larger room and call less attention to the shelves themselves.

Light it up
Lighting is vital. You should have an access to a range of different light sources. Overhead lighting is the most popular but it should ideally have a dimmer function installed. Side lamps prove practical when reading but also if you have different settings these can provide a warm glow to enhance and create a calmer mood.

A corner lamp is a great feature as it does not need to spotlight anything which can add a warm light especially if it is low-wattage, it will give a much more gentle atmosphere. Finally, candles, they have multiple uses which prove extremely effective when creating ambience. You can use a range of different candles and scents and turn a average bedroom into a romantic and relaxing setting.

Now comes the best part of the designing process, which is after the essentials, the soft furnishings and the linen. They give the room a character and the panache. Colour palette of the bedroom should incorporate colours that you enjoy in all moods and you wouldn't get bored over time.

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