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Getting rid of Vastu Dosha

Friday, July 07, 2017

Vastu Dosha is the flaw or deficiency in the known characteristics of the eight directions. We need to implement certain ways to remove the presence of the Doshas, says Dr. Tushar Yashwant Savdavkar

(Continued from last week...)

One of the ways  setting Vastu Dosha right is through meditation. As we recite ‘Aum’ recursively, we create a sea of positive vibrations of different frequencies around us. These frequencies helps to remove the doshas effectively and increase the level of positiveness around us. Also certain rituals are used to remove these doshas in different directions such as:

East - Arghyadan is performed to remove the existence of dosha in East direction. It is performd with water associated with Mantra, Namaskara, Vajrasan and Pranayama.

South East - The imperfections of South-East are related to the anamolous combination of pollutants with the Agni Tatva (fore element). Hence Yagna-Yag is performed. The two types of havan Vidhi- customary(Nitya) and occasional (Naimittik)- performed with prescribed Mantras, burning of specific plants and shrubs in the divine fire, Pranamaya, Viniyog Nyas and Dhyan creates channel for circulation of Pran Shakti in the mind, body, intellect and the Vastu.

South - To vanish the flaws associated with the South direction Sudarshan Kriya is practiced. It includes the fundamentals of Dhyan, Pranayama, Soham Sadhana and Patanjali Yoga. The South direction is closely associated with the tenth house of a natural horoscope which is a Karma Sthan indicative of business, employment and paternal protection.

South-West - Reiki is a Japanese meditation technique and is very popular nowadays. For the doshas related to the Southwest direction, Shaktipat Yoga Diksha and Reiki is performed. Reiki can also be classified as a type of Shaktipat Yoga. Reiki involves circulation of motherly tender touch, mother and child dialogue, and motherly yogic practices.

Northwest - Vastu Dosha originating from flaws in the North West direction generally result in the disturbed mental state of the owner and the decision making capacity of the person somehow gets neutralised by extraneous circumstances. As the north west direction is governed by the Vastu Tatva, practice of Pranayama and Yogasana is carried out.

North - Vipasana is practiced for the removal of presence of dosha in the North direction. Vipasana is basically a Dhyan technique derived from Buddha Dharms practices. It is similar to Neti-Neti, tratak, Bhrumadhya and other Dhyan procedures.

Northeast - Soham Sadhana includes Sadhana techniques like Pranayama, Swaryog, Tratak, Pranav Sadhana, Sudarshan Kriya and Sakshibhav. This Dhyan technique is most effective on the Vastu Dosha associated with the Northeast direction of the house.

West - A tattva meditaion practice do in west zone of vastu. Using the tattvic shapes, the traditional Hindu symbols of the elements, can be an effective way to balance personal energies. Many variations are possible but the aim is to absorb the quality of each element and integrate it into the body.  For this meditation you need to focus on each tattva in trun or concentrate on those you feel need more balance. As you visualize the shape within your body, feel your in breath entering the symbol, charging it with energy. As you breath out imagine it removing imbalance from that area. The blue circle of air is in the centre of the chest. It will help in focus concentration, reducing agitation and scattered thoughts.

We have derived the relationship between Meditaion and the Vastu we live in. It is important to practice meditation on a daily basis as it can have its effecton the Vastu that we live in.

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