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Get set go and maintain your abodes

Saturday, October 27, 2018

By Hemil Parikh, Founder, Elysium Abodes LLP

Most of us have dreamt of a house away from the infuriating crowd of the city - a house that’s unlike the matchbox apartments that the metro and city life force us to live in. A home away from home is nothing but a holiday home, preferably a couple of hours from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Owning a holiday home is about living your dream life in style. Away from the propel of everyday life, a holiday home is a place where we generally go to recharge our batteries and refresh our mood. Blending an own "home-away-from-home" experience with the exuberance of everything perfect is a sure-fire win to have a great holiday and an experience unlike any other.

Thanks to the dawn of this housing segment in our country, many families are looking for second homes around the cities that they live in. Holiday homes are catching up as a niche housing segment in India at a fast leap. However, not all is easy and rosy with holiday homes. Though the idea of having a place to go to for short unplanned breaks may sound exciting and thrilling, a holiday home is certainly not easy to maintain. Maintaining a holiday home is an expensive affair and if you are not able to maintain the property, it will certainly lose its value. Whether it is a primary residence or a holiday home, upkeep and preservation is an important aspect of homeownership.

Maintaining a property contributes in guaranteeing that the home grips its value over time and that it remains in a livable and functional condition. Most of the bungalow owners start counting the things that needed their attention the last time they were there and how they swore to look into it as soon as possible, however forget all about it once back to their routine. Frantic calls are made to local plumbers to fix the bathroom leakage, electricians are asked to fix the geyser which wasn’t working the last time and caretakers are told to air out the rugs and carpets and keep the house living-ready. Wasn’t this a supposed GETAWAY from all the chaos that you anyways go through in a big city? Here is where, when and why there arises a need for professional experts to maintain your holiday homes and villas.

These skilled professionals take up the complete accountability of maintaining the property in your absence so that you get the richly deserved break you are actually looking for. The several facilities and amenities offered by these experts involve a variety of services including house cleaning plans, plumbing upkeep, electrical upkeep, appliances maintenance, AMC agencies and their coordination, garden care, organic vegetable patch identification, planting and transportation of fresh vegetables to your doorstep, maintenance of pool, pest control, concierge services, etc The range of services offered by them are wide spread and comprehensive, hence taking care of every inch of the property without compromising on attention-to-detail.

Here are few tips that will help lend your house a routine maintenance:

1. Give your abodes some time off and save energy
Your homes work hard to keep you cool during summers and warm during winters. You can thus repay the favour by saving energy — your house will be thankful for less workload, and you’ll also save money.

2. Keep your house moisture free.
Beat the moisture with smart preventive maintenance and care like investing in good dehumidifiers that heads off expensive repairs.

3. Give your house a clean and paint facial, spruce up the floors, paint trim and green clean your kitchen and bath
Everyone just feels better when the look of the house is enhanced with a little cosmetic cossetting and pampering.

4. Interior Maintenance
Geysers – A geyser is the most power-hungry element in a home. Make sure that the geyser is turned off over periods when the property is not in use.

Water Mains – Water should be shut off at the mains. Once the water mains have been shut off, open up all taps in basins, sinks and showers to drain the water from the pipes. This will avert the water in the pipes from producing rust. Also, all the taps and faucets need to be opened up and checked at intervals to prevent them from air traps.

Plugs - Remove all plugs from sockets to prevent electrical equipment from being damaged.

Fridge and freezer –  The freezer and the fridge should be systematically defrosted and the doors should be left open to prevent formation of mold.

5.    Exterior Maintenance
Exterior walls – Check for cracks in the external walls and carry out the vital repairs. Also, the exterior area needs to be checked for fungus especially post monsoon and should conduct one round of cleaning and washing.

Door locks – Confirm that all door locks are in good working condition. Replace faulty lock barrels wherever required.

Window and door frames – Wooden frames will require steady maintenance, particularly if the home is located at the coast.  Wooden frames should be observed for rot and treated with a weatherproofing solvent at least once in a year.

Patios and terraces –  Make sure to repair any damaged grout to prevent frost damage over the colder months and to guarantee good surface drainage.

A property that is maintained well will retain its value and worth and will always bring pleasure to those who make use of it.

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