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Get floored with options

Saturday, May 26, 2018

I believe human being must have started differentiating inner and outer flooring from ages. Earlier, and still in some rural parts of India, one may find house flooring washed with cow dung. Though it is one of the most eco-friendly floorings, due to its high maintenance and not very beautiful look, people started searching for more options to flooring. While in this search, marble stood out excellently.

Marble-ous choices
Nothing could be better option for floorings other than marble. Since ages marble has maintained its popularity. There are various kinds of marbles. In India, Makarana marble is very famous for its whiteness. One of the seven wonders, Taj Mahal, is also made up of Makarana. Italian marbles are also preferred for floorings. Italian marbles are famous for their colours and appearance. Laying marble is a very skillful job. The charming look of Italian marble just enhances the beauty of interiors. Being very costly, it is famous only in rich society. Substitutes to it, like composite marbles, are available in the market. Composite marbles are artificial marbles which look like actual marble but do not have same qualities despite its high pricing. Italian marble starts from minimum of Rs.350/- per sqft. and may go any higher depending upon its unique qualities.

But nothing to worry about. Vitrified tiles are there in the market. Though it is not a substitute to marble or any expensive flooring, it appears pleasant and clean. The best part of vitrified tiles is it is non-porous. This quality makes it easy maintenance flooring. These tiles are easily available in the market with various sizes. The sizes vary from 600mm x 600mm to 1000mm x 1000mm. this makes them easy to handle and can be laid faster. Many of these tiles carry a look of Italian marble, which make their appearance even better. Due to its hard surface these tiles last long. Most importantly these tiles are economic and affordable too. You may get good tiles within Rs. 90 to Rs. 150 per sqft.

Wood is good
Along with all the above mentioned, there is one more substitute to beautify your home. It is wooden flooring. These floorings are also easily available in the market. Again, there are many types in it. The most costly but the most beautiful is real wood flooring, the other is engineered wood flooring. Though both of them look quite similar, but qualities and costing differentiate them. Real wood flooring is a plank of wood whereas engineered wood is made up of thin layer of real wood backed with plywood support. Both of them need timely polishing. Wooden floorings can be laid in low traffic areas such as a den, bedrooms, study rooms in order to low maintenance. The very important quality of it is that it can be laid faster than any other floorings and that too without mess. It can be fixed on top of existing flooring hence, in short time, it enhances interior of the premise. At the same time,  due to its natural qualities, it grants a warm feeling.

No worries if you stand with a tight budget and only concern about the look. There you have vinyl or laminate flooring which also look like wooden flooring but are pretty much economic, and also effortless to maintain as compared to real wood. The price range for real wood or engineered wood starts from
Rs.500 onwards, but for artificial you may start spending from Rs.150 and onwards.

All above mentioned flooring types are easily available in the market. Make sure with your pocket and liking before going ahead.

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