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Future of Bathrooms (smarter and green bathroom solutions)

Saturday, December 01, 2018

By Sandeep Shukla, General Manager & Head Marcom- Global Operations, Jaquar Group.

Evolution of bathrooms as a basic need of existence is a significant chapter in the history of human civilization. The bath space that was usually meant only for a wash and brush-up is now transforming itself into a peaceful sanctuary with luxury, wellness touches. Wellness is therapeutic in nature, and is not only viewed through a lifestyle lens, but from the health perspective as well. Psychotherapists are seeing this concept as a key ingredient to living a well-balanced life. Today’s bathrooms are lounging spaces.

With changing trends, consumers are focusing on redefining their bathrooms as a wellness space and are spending more time there, not merely for hygiene reasons, but to relax, rejuvenate and get a sense of wellbeing. Call it a freshness boost, a relaxing massage, a cleaning ritual or in short simply dub it ‘power bathing’, the modern day bathroom is very much a personal sanctuary that spells the ultimate in relaxation. The trends today emphasise on personalising the space, adding amenities that are more like spa. Users look forward to step into their master bathrooms for a calming and luxurious shower, to feel the unrelenting cascade of water arch down their back, to enjoy the therapeutic effect of a back and shoulder massage etc. They look for products that provide an experiential feel.

With growing urbanization worldwide, there is an ever-increasing focus on developing eco-friendly products and solutions, specifically, resource areas such as water, electricity and waste management is of paramount concern. It is important to push the envelope on sustainability and integrate environment responsible features to your bathroom. Nowadays, bathrooms are emerging as an opportunity for designers, and manufacturers to create an eco-aware environment resulting in a design that is sumptuous, tactile and functional. It is the perfect synthesis of expressive, useful and aesthetic design.

The depletion of natural resources and rise environmental alarms have been prevalent not only in India, but around the world. In support to this, many firms are taking up the zero-waste approach with 100% recycling of water and other resources in their manufacturing facilities. Also, companies these days are offering eco-friendly range of smart solutions, be it LED lighting or water saving products such as flow restrictors, air showers, sensor faucets. With all such eco-friendly offerings, customers now have a choice to make a smart purchase. Sensor faucets in particular are preferred for high footfall areas such as malls, workplaces, public places in order to reduce water wastage.  

The Government’s Smart City projects across India further transformed the quality of life of millions in the country. The role of innovation and technology has been immense in fuelling the implementation and success of the mission. The time has come for stakeholders at all levels to take on a ‘green’ mindset and become sensitive to the wastage natural resources, be it water, electricity, minerals, land etc. Sanitation and water conservation are two major priorities of India’s sustainable development goals. Swaach Bharat Abhiyaan too is an initiative towards building a cleaner and environmental friendly society.

A smart toilet is often referred to as an intelligent bathroom is one that is designed with products offering a combination of unique designs and technology innovations. Products that not only have luxury, style and elegance but also focus on innovative technologies to reduce water usage. On the occasion of World Toilet Day, let’s all pledge together for a sustainable living and give back to nature for it has endowed us with all these years.

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