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For pleasant presence of plants...

Friday, April 07, 2017

Decorating a room with plants has been in vogue for years now. Sangram Bhoite explains about certain factors that you need to keep in mind while keeping plants in your house

The presence of plants automatically offers warmth and shows your appreciation for all things natural. Plants not only liven up your room but also make you feel comfortable. Plants add beauty to a space; improve air quality and increase the sense of privacy. Fresh plants in the house brighten up the interiors. Plants can be used in areas with high decibel levels as they act as an acoustic buffer. All said and done, while plants look and feel good, they need to be maintained well. It's actually not that difficult to keep houseplants happy, but you do need to pay attention to their basic needs, and take care of any pest problems right away.

Factors that matter
Factors like adequate light, water treatment, conditioning and cleaning are a few things that you just can’t neglect. Unlike other pieces of art or furniture. Indoor plants need some care and attention. Here are some suggestions to help you have a green thumb indoors as well as out!

The first and foremost thing to do while buying a plant is to ask how much light it would need. It all depends on the species of the indoor plants. Make sure that you choose plants that don't need more light than your apartment offers. You should select plants that require medium to low light, unless you plan on providing the plant with artificial lighting. During summer, place the plants outside. This gives them a new spurt of energy. Since plants turn to the light, do not forget to rotate them. This promotes an upright growth of the plant.

Light it right
There are a few ways by which you can tell if the plant is getting enough light or not. If it isn't getting enough light, it usually will have small leaves, thin stems, and the colour of the plant will be lighter than usual.

Artificial lighting is another way of providing light to indoor plants in homes with limited natural lighting. Fluorescent lamps, for instance, can supplement natural light.

Most people tend to neglect the aspect of conditioning. It is essential that you condition your plants when you buy them. This is important because the place where you buy the plant will usually have more lighting than your home and it can go into a shock of sorts and lose its foliage. For conditioning plants make sure you give it the maximum amount of light your house has, and then gradually reduce the amount of light to be equal to the spot where you want the plant to end up.

Alternating periods of drought and flood can really stress a plant’s root system. Most plants like having their roots consistently moist, but not wet. Some plants prefer to dry out a bit between watering. For new plants, check the care label or consult a good indoor plant book. This will help you determine the right watering routine. Self-watering planters make it easier to keep plants watered.

Plants with big leaves become dusty and start looking dull. Wipe the leaves with a wet cloth. The use of castor oil or milk instead of water gives a shine on the leaves.

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