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Flower power!

Friday, February 17, 2017
By Property Team

By proper arrangement of flowers, a home can be made cheerful and lively. A touch of imagination and creativity can further enhance the beauty of your room for a longer time

In all of God’s creation, there is nothing so beautiful, attractive and colourful as flowers. Flower arrangement is an art which expresses one’s personality. Flowers, foliage and plants are arranged in flower vases in such a way that they produce harmonious appearance with good texture and colour combination. Flowers are a part of our everyday environment. Using flowers in their best attractive form not only enhances your home décor but also infuses a fresh look every time you experiment with them.

For long lasting floral arrangements, make use of fresh flowers with upright and firm petals. Select flowers that haven’t opened fully yet and check for broken petals, leaves and stems. Brown or yellow spots, if present, signal staleness of the flowers. Flowers such as roses, orchids and lilies serve best for floral arrangements, as they tend to last longer after being cut. Another step before the arrangement is to ensure that you start with clean vase. If reusing the same container, take care to wash it properly to get rid of the bacteria. Soak the stems of flowers in lukewarm water for an hour before use, which enhances their moisture absorbing capacity.

Make use of floral foam with water containing flower food to ensure that the flowers remain fresh for longer period. Oasis is the commonly available foam. It helps to retain water for longer duration and holds greens at different angles, making way for more creative arrangement. Before using the foam, soak it in water to absorb water naturally. Avoid holding it under tap, which causes dry spots inside the foam causing the flowers to wither earlier. Make V shaped holes inside the foam with the help of sharp knifes which helps easy penetration of water. Always use new foam. Used foam leaves holes that create air pockets under its stem resulting into early dryness of flowers.

Fresh water is must for the flowers. Replacing the cloudy water at regular intervals can increase their shelf life. Trim their stems by one or two inches to remove the rotten part. This helps them to soak up more moisture. Flowers last longer in cool conditions. So ensure they are placed in cooler places, away from direct sunlight, electrical appliances or other heat sources that cause lack of moisture of the flowers making them wither earlier. Adding ice cubes to the containers during the hot times of day or placing them near cool windows or cool porch at night can help restore their freshness.

In case of loose flowers look out for a cooler place and keep them in a clean deep vase along with flower food. Remove the leaves in water as they increase bacteria growth causing the flower to droop earlier. Remove the wilted flowers to make space for new fresh flowers. Use of different shapes of containers determines the design of your arrangement. So experiment with different flowers and floral design to give a new look to your home.

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