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Exploring Wardrobes: Options Unlimited

Friday, July 28, 2017

There are innumerable options these days in the world of wardrobes, from the ready to assemble, to the good old carpenter manufactured. We take you from the basic to the absolute last word in wardrobe innovations, to make life easier.

  •     The first step would be to determine the frequency of usage of the various items stored in the wardrobe. Shelving should be adequate and strong.


  •     A pull-out trouser rack is the easiest option, compared to hangers on a rod. This is situated at waist level for ease in selection. The shirts can be put on hangers at the top half of the cupboard.


  •     At waist level there should be two drawers, one for underclothes, hankies and socks. The other can be divided into squares for belts, and other miscellaneous articles of clothing.


  •     The lowest level can be utilised for shoes, if so desired. Otherwise any personal files, small inconvenient pieces of clothing can be stored here.


  •     For women, the wardrobe serves a more varied function, as the clothes are more varied. Shelving needs are greater, with individual shelving for types of clothing or even colour coordinates.


  •     There is a requirement for a jewellery compartment, with a secure fastening or lock. This could have a pull-out section of trays with the necessary compartments made to order.
  •     Handbags are the most difficult to store as they are space-consuming, and easily bent out of shape. Special care should be taken, with a hanging system and plenty of room.


  •     A catch-all area, maybe recessed into the drawer area, is a fantastic idea for all kinds of odds and ends which can then be sorted out later. Hair clips, letters, lipsticks will all find a temporary home here.


  •     If you like the barn-inspired doors, but don't want a heavy, rustic look, have the wardrobes painted white. A graphic design on the wardrobe is always an eye-catching option.


  •     Fitted wardrobes are a great way to add elegance and style to your bedroom. The advantages over a standalone wardrobe are great.
  •     There can be a common area between the two wardrobes for common item storage, or even for the lesser used items like swimwear and seasonal clothing.
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