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Evolution of Wellness Zones in Bathroom Industry

Saturday, September 08, 2018

By Sandeep Shukla, Head of Marketing and Communications, Jaquar Group

In today’s fast-paced life, individuals are overburdened by stress and pressure which is detrimental to living a fulfilled and happy life. With urban consumers going beyond spas and gyms to de-stress and rejuvenate, bathrooms are being transformed into experiential wellness zones. Bathing spaces are being given progressively more importance every day; people are spending a great deal of their time in bathrooms as it is being related to a dwelling for “you and the universe”. Therefore, brands too are experimenting and researching to understand the need of the hour and offering their consumers products that add rejuvenation.

The bathroom industry has come up with revolutionary products that accentuate the impression of the bathing spaces and declutter stressed bodies and minds. Showers are a glorious example of such innovation, it replicates the soothing effects of rains and waterfall, giving us the-touch-of-nature, we need in our routines. One can choose the perfect showering moment with a choice of varied modes like rain, intense, massage, mist and rainfall. At just a simple touch of a fingertip on the high-durability waterproof touchpad, one can choose the shower mode, control the temperature and manage water flow. Showers also come with an innovative feature of chromotherapy lights that enables an energising, pulsating, multi-colour experience. Various intelligent technologies are added to showers such as an intelligent water mixer system which maintains the water temperature and flow rate during showering. Other than technology, there are also techniques that can help you rejuvenate and distress through bathing.

Water can be used as a key medium to reduce stress and promote physical well-being, though many people are unfamiliar with the use of water massage and its benefit. It has been found that water pressure could be a great relief to your muscles and jet at pressure points can help reduce the pain.   Whirlpool brilliantly uses these aspects of water in a more technologically concentrated manner to cater to individual needs, one would feel absolutely relaxed and refreshed after each therapeutic massage of water in tubs. The water jets helps to form the powerful stream which reaches the body with the motion required to massage.

Spa’s are yet another wonderful medium to relax and restore equilibrium. Nowadays, spa are technological marvels whose “wellbeing circuits” Cushioned headrests, ergonomic seats and a host of high performance features make this the ultimate experience. Spa has direction jets which helps you to take massage at particular points of the body.  Steam solutions can be one’s personal space of wellness which is the steam-filled room that does the job of making you relaxed and lead you to a restful state, both physically and mentally. It has been proven as the most beneficial experience of your life health wise. Also, a sauna is an enclosed wood made cabin, which uses dry heat to induce perspiration, with steam being produced by pouring water on heated stones.

With an abundance of availability of the innovative products that could help you relieve your daily stress at the comfort of your home, the challenge of facing the hastily growing urbanisation has been made a little easier. All that is required is for one to identify their needs and chose the most suitable products for their household, making their bathing experience more effective than ever.

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