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Dripping in wood finesse!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

By Parul Mittal, Director, Greenlam Industries Ltd

Who doesn’t love vacations? The idea of taking some time off to absolutely relax and recharge your batteries, on a sunny day at the beach and cocktails to go with, is indeed very appealing. Relaxed vacations also call for relaxed accommodations with interior designs that are truly exoticand lets you have a leisure time and by the end of your vacation, leaving you in high spirits for another one!

A peaceful state of mind on vacation isnot only achieved by just selecting and visiting a serenelocation. Whether the look of your vacation home is contemporary or rusticor has a distinct style like mid-century modern, the thought of well-designed rooms with sophisticated décor are fascinating. The best part is you can make your vacation home look glamourous with slight alterations and adjustments.

Read on to get an idea on how you can change the look of your vacation home and make it look like an ideal getaway destination!

Clean and contemporary
Earthy colours work well with vacation homes as they reflect the idea of being close to nature and its scenic beauty. Earthy colours are versatile and can take on different characteristics depending on how they are used. One can have endless combinations between colours that are soft and muted to create interesting balances throughout the room. Paired with real wood floors, these colours will give a soothing vibe to your home.

Simple changes in the interior design such as colour can instantly make a unique difference, while keeping the local inspiration that make vacation homes so endearing.Colours such as white make the space look airy and can be paired with distressed veneers to give that grungy and rustic coastal vibe. Insightful additions to your space in the form of local art, comfortable linen and floor to ceiling windows, which enhance the limitless panoramic views,are some of the ways in which you can ensure comfort as well asbeauty at the same time.

Wood wash
Sleek and modern interiors give way to limitless techniques wherein you can bring about the beauty of your vacation home. Installing engineered real wood floor planks is always the classic way to begin with because they enhance the earthy tones and go with most of your décor. Furthermore, an exquisite piece of decoration through an enchanting chandelier could also interest you because chandeliers always make the room chicer yet elegant.

If you are looking to bring nature and its freshness inside your vacation home, adding plants is always a good idea. Not only do they complement engineered wood flooring, but also add trendy patterns to your décor. If you want to add patterns to your space, you can go with various design elements such as cushions which come in geometric or striped patterns. While patterns do add that coastal feel, nothing is better than having natural light shining throughyour home making it look sparkling and pristine.

A woody affair
We all know that seaside gives way to extreme weather conditions, for example, strong winds, tough rains, sandy beaches, all these conditions are somewhat harmful to your exteriors.Why to focus on just the interiors when exteriors also play a big role in the whole vision? If you want to incorporate stone finish and complement it with your grungy abode, then exterior grade compact laminates are the best option for you. These laminates are specially designed to beautify your exteriors.

Exterior clads allow you to decorate your home and also come with special fasteners which are made using non-corrosive materials like stainless steel and aluminium, that offer better colour fastening properties. Lawa Stone for a stone finish is a perfect example of a look that is class combined with luxury.

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