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Design Your Private Heaven: The Bathroom

Saturday, March 24, 2018
By Property Team

Since bathrooms are spaces that we use everyday, their importance is far greater than we give it credit for. Here are tips to turn that room into a place worth visiting

There is a statistic that says the average person spends around three whole years of their life in the bathroom, and if that is the case, why not add some nice touches and make those three years worth something by making it look good and more comfortable?

Bathroom requires the most attention to detail. Let’s face up to the facts. A bathroom is no longer a place to have a wash. It is the new frontier in home design. Having a plush bathroom reveals a person’s refined taste of living. The bathroom isn’t a bathroom any longer but a luxury room. The bathroom has become a statement of a luxurious lifestyle today. It is the most important place in the house. An increasing number of people demand the best for their bathrooms in terms of looks, functioning and aesthetics.

The bathroom is a sanctuary where the only time in the day that is spent without any interruptions – or quality alone time.Recent studies have indicated that people are quite willing to shell out large amounts to do up their bathrooms today. People not only spend on good material but also on good labour to make their bathroom look good. Now the world’s biggest brand names are here and doing booming business. The bathroom fittings industry is so vast, you could walk in out of curiosity and walk out with the bathroom of your dreams.

Some of the items of extravagance are quarter turn mixers, power and surround showers, glass sinks, pedestal basins, Spanish tiles, French toilet seats – the list goes on and on.

Smart and classy
Today bath fittings come in various finishes, such as electroplating, powder coating and chrome plated - also in shades varying from monochromatic to brightly coloured. Sanitary ware can be specially finished to compliment the look of the bathroom. For instance, blue paint can be sprayed and later baked on the commode for a blue-tiled bathroom. Stainless steel counter tops and bowls, glass counter tops and bowls have substituted ceramic and marble counters. Polyester resin accessories such as toilet seats, bath seats, tubs, mirror frames and towel rods are in style. Whatever your style, you can equip your bathroom with indulgent fixtures, such as a claw-foot bathtub, a beautiful porcelain sink in your bathroom vanity, heated bathroom tiles and a heated towel rack.

Indian bathrooms are now beginning to look smart and classy with designers stretching their grey cells to the limit. After you’ve designed your little heaven, go splurge on the most expensive scented candles, soaps and the fluffiest towels you can afford. If just a cosmetic bath can soothe the body, then the bathroom is without question a sensual sanctuary from a hard day’s stresses.

A good choice of designer accessories may cause a dent to one's budget but enriches the decor of the bathroom, not to forget the inmate's taste.

Eco-friendly bathrooms
What makes a bathroom eco-friendly in this world that is fast becoming environmentally unstable? The design principles for such a bathroom are basically the same as those applicable to an eco-friendly house. The general principles can be used in the bathroom to make it environmentally friendly and both energy and water efficient. Here, we have chosen the relevant principles of eco buildings that can be applied to the design of your bathroom to make it eco friendly:

  • Use energy efficient appliances, solar panels and heat pump technology
  • Centralise plumbing, insulate hot water cylinders and 'lag' hot water piping
  • Consider resource efficiency, longevity of the building and strive for low maintenance. Use materials that permit the building membrane to 'breathe'
  • Apply natural floor surfaces such as tile and timber. Cork floors are ideal for areas where maximum comfort and high noise absorption is required. Ceramic tiles are also good because they are a natural product and they breathe.
  • Use sustainable solid timbers rather than processed composite sheet materials
  • Use inert gypsum-based wall and ceiling linings.
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