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Dealing with electro stress

Friday, March 17, 2017

Most of the gadgets in our home emit what is referred to as ‘Electro Smog’. Dr. Tushar  Yashwant  Savdavkar explains how to handle the stress

Cell phones base stations, cordless phones, GSM mobile phones, UMTS, Bluetooth and many other devices are responsible for ‘Electro Smog’.

Esmog Spion is a German device which unmasks nearly every electromagnetic and environmental pollution automatically. It’s capable of measuring electric, magnetic and electromagnetic energy fields, individually.  This device works on sounds from the machine to differentiate energy faults.

The Electro Smog Detector is another unique hand-held device, which has three functions in a single machine. It can scan alternating electric fields, and can be very easily visible using the LED traffic light principles.

It is advisable to reduce the amount of exposure to electromagnetic pollution particularly while sleeping. Some even become quite fanatical about this, removing as many electrical appliances as possible from their homes.  Many of my clients have found that they sleep better if they either stop using an electric blanket or at least unplug it at the socket at night.  

Many people have electric clocks and tea making machines very close to their heads while they sleep, and this may be inadvisable for susceptible people.  It is very simple to check whether removing these for some time makes any differences to your health in general and to your sleep patterns in particular.

There are also lots of devices in the market offering personal protection against electromagnetic pollution. For example, pulsars, EMF life Transformers, portable neutralisers and portable genomics may be helpful.. Some essences have been designed to counteract problems with electromagnetic pollution. The Alaskan Essences, a guardian remedy, can be used to counter EMF problems.

Crystals are probably used more frequently than any other artifacts. Lepidolite is a very calming crystal that can soothe an overstressed nervous system. It absorbs negative energies in a room, and has a high vibratory rate.

Fluorite crystal healers can be used as a stone of purification and protection. Computer screens emit is filtered by the screens, but this radiation can make you feel lethargic and sore. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, fluorite crystal can help. This stone is strongly protective, and it will remove any existing negative energies.  You can place a stone next to your computer.

If you want to do away electromagnetic stress which is generated from your mobile, keep a special mix of carefully chosen de-stressing crystal. This can give you protection from negative vibrations.

(Dr. Tushar Yashwant Savdavkar is Ph. D. in Vastu & Astrological Sciences)

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