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Curtain Raiser! How to elevate your interiors

Saturday, March 31, 2018
By Property Team

Picking the right curtains can be an elusive, confusing task. Here is some information on curtains to help you enhance your interior

Curtains are so much more than pieces of arbitrary material that keep the light out and give privacy. Like all aspects of interior design, the curtains play their part in the overall aesthetics of a given room, and the underlying composition of your home in general. Too often, a poor choice of curtain can make a huge difference to the ambiance and energy of your room. Rather than innocuous players in the background, the right selection of curtains can enhance the décor of your bedroom, lounge or dining rooms, and fuse with other interior design elements to neatly complete the piece. But where to start? Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what will work with the rest of your interior elements.

Versatility of curtains
Curtains essentially help in blocking the sunlight. But curtains are also very versatile when one wants to accessorize their home and add to the entire feel of the house. Almost every room in the house can be transformed using the variety available in curtains.  Curtains are usually custom-made but readymade varieties are also available. These are relatively inexpensive, and ideal for younger couples with limited budgets, but do be aware that they can also fade quite quickly.

Curtains can be made from a variety of fabric like lace, sheer, lightweight fabric, medium weight fabric or heavy fabric. The fabric must be chosen depending on how you want the room to look, where the curtain is to be hung and what purpose it is to serve. Curtains should always match the room décor and theme. Curtains with contrasting colours to that of the walls or contrast combination of prints seem to be the most attractive ones. Khus or Bamboo blinds are very helpful in summers similarly they also enhance the look of the house.

Category of curtains
Broadly speaking, curtains can be classified into three categories, namely, the panel, café and the tiered curtains. Panel curtains give the window an informal look. These kinds of curtains are ideal for bedrooms, dining rooms and bathrooms (shower curtains).

Cafe curtains on the other hand are usually tied back and are a perfect choice for the kitchen. Tiered curtains are multiple panels with one or two panels hanging over the top of the two base panels. This helps to create a layered look.

Cotton and Silk were and are the evergreen choices when one contemplates on buying curtains. Cotton is the best choice for everyday wear and tear. There are umpteen colours and prints available in cotton. Bright colours look the best in the fabric of cotton. And for those special occasions, one can simply replace the cotton curtains with silk tapestries and see the room taking over a royal elegance. By adding a tinge of silver or gold, the effect can be further enhanced.

Curtain manufacturers have captured different art forms like embroidery, appliqué and even painting to accentuate their soft charm. Traditional art forms like zardauzi are also used to give a touch of richness to the decor. Painted curtains give an artistic feel and block prints a traditional touch.

Expert View
Mumbai-based interior designer Ajit Sawant says, “Curtains always add to the look of the décor and create a mood. Curtains with mix and match colours and patterns are very popular these days. But we need to be careful while mixing two totally different colours or patterns to give that different look. Vibrant but plain coloured curtains provide a wider look to the room. Cotton curtains are the most preferred as they absorb heat and are environment-friendly.”  

Curtains are usually custom-made as per the requirements of the buyer but the readymade types have also gained momentum. Depending upon the requirement you can make the curtains enhance the look of the room or can make them the centre of attraction just by proper selection of the colour and style.

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