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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Concrete is fast gaining acceptance with interior experts to use as a primary raw material for decorating your living spaces. The sturdy material is being used by craftsmen and interior designers in the most vibrant ways to add value to your décor

By Ritu Goregaoker, Design Director, GA Design

Water, aggregate, cement. Mix them together, and you produce concrete – usually the most banal of building materials. Even today, the world’s first iconic concrete structure, the unreinforced 43.4m dome of the Pantheon in Rome, completed in AD 128, still seems breathtaking in its daring and beauty.

Exposed concrete as a material has been used widely in architecture and its advent began during the early 1900 but gained in prominence during the Brutalist Architecture movement which flourished from 1951 to 1975. The term originated from the French word for ‘raw”. Le Corbusier the architect of Chandigarh, where exposed concrete is widely used, described his choice of material as beton brut, meaning raw concrete in French.

Concrete in interiors derives its roots from its use in architecture and more specifically from its use in industrial design. One of the easiest ways to achieve an industrial look at home is to use industrial materials. Concrete being an obvious choice many designers are using concrete in unexpected and unusual ways and it would seem that there is nothing that can’t be made using this versatile material.

Concrete surfaces in interiors is commonly and popularly used as a flooring material which looks stylish in any modern contemporary interiors. The surface can be finished in various ways, with colours stains and aggregates, and can also be kept textured or polished till glassy. Concrete flooring can be made entirely in a concrete mix or by laying a layer of micro concrete on top of a concrete surface.

Thin walled cast concrete lights and tables made of concrete have become fashionable interior fixtures. Concrete table tops need to be made by skilful craftsmen as care has to be taken to achieve a perfect level with smooth polished edges.

Concrete look a like wall also create a beautiful aesthetic in any interior. This surface can be achieved in few different ways. Ordinary cement sheets fixed on a frame and finished with a topcoat of transparent lacquer gives a concrete panel look. Concrete texture is also available in various finishes which give a almost real concrete surface look.

Concrete adds texture and brings about untold visual interest to the interior space. Concrete does best when it’s juxtaposed against something natural, such as wood or metal. Natural stone like Kota or even Italian marble and bright colours combine well with concrete surfaces. All these facts and more make concrete the material for the new fashion language and is here to stay for a long time.

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