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Cluster development: A boon for Thane

Friday, July 21, 2017

Maharashtra government recently gave the nod for cluster development of Thane. Suraj Uchil seeks expert views on the same

Thane is a famous neighbourhood of Mumbai. Over time, Thane has grown to be a preferred destination for home buyers. With new projects coming up on the Ghodbunder Road and with the construction of the new metro line underway, Thane is poised to become the next best place to invest. But just as the new projects showcase the potential of the city, many of the old weak and illegal structures in the old Thane city are a cause of concern for many. Keeping this in mind, the government of the state gave a nod for cluster development of the city.

About the Scheme
The cluster development scheme will create 1.25 lakh homes in Thane. The scheme will also bring in an investment of Rs5,000 to Rs10,000 crores to the city, These homes will be constructed in phase. “This scheme is not only a boon to the city but to the people as well. The old Thane city like the places near Thane station will undergo a massive change. People who have been living there with barely any amenities will now get better infrastructure andamenities”, explains Jitendra Mehta, Vice President, MCHI Thane unit.

Under the scheme, free homes up to 300 square feet will be provided to only those residents living in dangerous building.

Rajan andelkar, Raunak group MD and Vice President – NAREDCO, explains that many of the illegal structures that were made years ago and are now in dilapidated conditions in many of the padas in Thane will now be cleared and proper planned cluster development will take place which will bring in more jobs and area as well. “The cluster development will help both the residential and commercial scenario in Thane. All the unorganized and cluttered properties will now make way for better and planned clustered projects”, he adds.

Need for Cluster Development
Though the Ghodbunder Road is recently seen as the area of growth in Thane, the old city was in dire need of a reform. From old buildings needing to undergo redevelopment to illegal buildings coming down due to faulty constructions, the city was seeing a lot of casualties resulting due to the bad shape of the buildings. More than 150 people have lost their lives due to building collapse in the past decade. “The development plan came to Thane in the year 1994. Before that there was no regulator looking after the development. Hence it gave rise to rampant and fast growing illegal properties. As the property rates in Thane was always less compared to the Mumbai city, people started settling in Thane at an alarming speed which also contributed to the growth of the illegal structures. This is why there is a contrast between the project planning you see in the new Thane city as compared to the old one. The cluster development will help level out the contrast,” cites Jitendra Mehta.

Rajan Bandelkar also explains that Thane, when compared area-wise with Mumbai, is almost half of it. “On its own, Thane is a very big suburb. Almost spanning 15 kms end to end. It also boasts of very good infrastructure with roads as big as 40 metres on the highway. Its only these illegal and old structures that are hindering its progress. With the cluster development starting soon even that problem will be solved”, he adds.

Impact on Infrastructure
Sachin Mirani, Secretary, MCHI Thane Unit, feels that the cluster development will not have any major drawbacks on the infrastructure development. Infact according to him, when the government starts with the development they will get at least 20-25% of the land back with them which they can then use to build more infrastructure and also provide more amenities for the people.

“This is a win-win situation for the people. Its better to stay in a 300sqft house which is legal then to live in a 500sqft house which can come down on them any time. Plus with the current FSI, the new projects will be better and will have many amenities that were absent previously. There is no doubt that this cluster development will be the face change that the old city needed for quite some time now”, adds Rajan Bandelkar.

With almost everyone agreeing to the need of a cluster development, the general consensus of the real estate market seems to be with the government on this issue. How and when the development takes place will decide just how much of a boon it was for the city.

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